Vikings 2019 Forecast: Conflict

I get so sick of the media, not reporting truthful stories, but not lying, just not telling the whole story. An example would be, when an NFL  General Manager is fired, here’s the story: General Manager of the white knights  and the owner mutually agreed, to end his contract, and wish him well in his future endeavors.

A perfect example, is the hiring of Gary Kubiak, by the Minnesota Vikings. The stories all seem to indicate that, Zimmer put the deal together. My guess is Ziggy made the hire, and jammed it down Zimmers throat.

Who do think hired Klint Kubiak, as quarterbacks coach? Who do think hired Rick Dennison, as O-Line coach? Who do think hired Brian Pariani as tight ends coach? These should have been positions hired by Kevin Stefanski, but we all know they weren’t. I’ll bet Zimmer cringed  as well. They were part of the terms necessary, to bring in Gary Kubiak’s army. All these coaches have 20  plus years experience with Kubiak. Remember Stefanski’s has no experience as an offensive coordinator.

After digesting the above, who do you think, will be the lead, in developing a new offensive strategy?

Then think, who has the most Super Bowl victories, Kubiak or Zimmer?

I can’t believe the Vikings would enter into this relationship, knowing  the conflicts, that will occur. The writing is definitely on the wall for Zimmer.

Minnesota Gophers Program Mediocrity


This past week was national Signing Day for High School Football players. Gophers coach PJ Fleck was talking of his excitement,with the recruits he was able to sign.  He signed 23 recruits, of which only one was a 4 star recruit.

Flecks inability to attract 4 & 5 star athletes, keeps them in the same state, they have been in since 1967. They will win a couple of Big Ten games a year , against other teams that are of the same caliber.

Most would agree, that athletes win games, not coaches. So when you see the major college teams, and their number of 4 & 5 star recruits, it is pretty evident, who is going to lead their conferences, and vie for the college playoffs, now and in  the future.


Here is a  ranking of the nations colleges, and the number of 4 star &5 star recruits, they have signed.

  • Alabama……….25

  • Georgia…………19

  • Texas A & M….14

  • LSU……………….13

  • Oregon………….12

  • Oklahoma……..14

  • Clemson………..12

  • Michigan……….16

  • Texas…………….13

  • Penn State……..17

  • Auburn…………..11

  • Ohio State………11

  • Notre Dame……15

  • Florida State…..10

  • Washington……12

  • Minnesota………1

It’s not just making a list for conversations, on all the sports talk shows. In realty, the best, just keep getting better. An example would be Alabama. If they got 20 plus, 5 star recruits per year, that would mean 80 on the team. As a player, you would play against the best everyday in practice, making you better everyday.

Staying on Alabama, teams coming into Tuscaloosa are intimidated when they walk on the field, and see Saban walking the sidelines and Tua warming up. A lot of the Alabama guys are TV stars now, and you can’t help but watch them.

My recommendation to the gophers, is to concentrate on the 4 & 5’s to begin building a base, and dont’ spend too much time, on the 3’s. The ones you get, can’t be much worse than previous 3’s.

The Bison Deserve Some Ink

Being an alum of NDSU, I can’t help but notice, the lack of respect that the Bison get, from the Star Tribune.

A little background:

  • The Bison have won 6 of the last 7 national championships in FCS Divison football.

  • They have the longest winning streak, in college football; at 19.

  • They  beat the Big Ten’s Minnesota Golden Gophers the last time they met.

  • They have more Minnesotans on their roster than the Golden Gophers.

  • In the recent college signing period the Bison got 18 letters of intent, to the Gophers 3, from Minnesota’s top 100 footballers.

  • Believe me when I say, there is more interest in Minneapolis & St. Paul, for the weekly Bison game, than there is for the Gopher game.

Given those facts, you’d think the Star Tribune would at least list their upcoming games, in their listing, of all upcoming college and pro games. They list St. Johns, Mary Hardin, Alabama-Birmingham, Middle Tennessee, but no Bison. We have go to the NDSU website, or to the award winning Fargo Forum, to get the game times

As a real kicker; how many ESPN Game Days have the Golden Gophers, or St. Johns, or Mary Hardin, or Alabama – Birmingham had in the past 3 years. The Bison have had 2.

The Vikings:Useless in Seattle

From the opening drive, you could see the Vikings didn’t come to play. They looked like they had all, received a roofy (date drug), on the ride to the stadium..

Let me set the scene: The Vikings must win this game to get into the playoffs. They have been working on this football stuff since July. They basically are the healthiest, they have been all season. They signed a $ 84 million dollar quarterback, to perform in these situations. There is an open battle between Coach Zimmer, Offensive coordinator DeFillippo, and quarterback Cousins on how to play the game. Unfortunately, DeFillippo is the odd man out. So he gets fired, the day after the game, but Zimmer and Speilman stay.

Zimmer tells DeFillippo he wants more running plays, so DePhillippo utilizes more running plays. They aren’t successful so DeFillippo gets canned for doing what he was told to do. What gives?

The Vikings – Seahawk game was deplorable, with the Vikings getting their butts whipped.

1. The Vikings aren’t as good as we thought they were.
2. Cousins looked lost and tentative.
3. The play calling was horrendous.
4. Cousins missed two open receivers for touchdowns.
5. They could not convert 3rd downs.
6. They could not convert 4th and ones.
7. Neither Diggs or Theilen caught a meaningfull pass, til late in the fourth.
8. The $84 million man looked like $ 84.00.

But most embarrassing, came when one of the Seattle defenders, came off the field, and was running up and down the sidelines, saying excitedly ” They can’t run, they can’t pass, they don’t know what to do!!”.

Welcome to the world of the Minnesota Vikings.

Jimmy Butlers New Marketing Strategy

The Timberwolves came out with a new marketing strategy, this year; Buy a 20 ticket season package, that you can pick the 20 games, you want to go to. Jimmy Butthole(Butler) has decided to follow the same marketing plan; he is going to choose what 20 games he wants to play.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors

Butthole is an embarrassment to the Timberwolves, and the entire NBA. He has become the biggest and most arrogant player in the history of the Timberwolves. Believe when I say, he has outdone Sprewell, Laettner, & Rider.

As you know, Butler has asked to be traded. As the announcers in a recent NBA game stated; He is a great player, one of the 10 best in the league. But he hasn’t enhanced his value, with his recent behavior. They couldn’t think of a GM that would be interested in Jimmy Butthole.

Glenn Taylor, owner of the Timberwolves, Should trade him asap, and get the best deal he can. He should keep Butler away from the team until he is dealt. The team needs to put together its starting lineup, and position the role players. You have got to get rid of the toxic locker room. The only thing that is discussed in the media, is whether Butthole showed up at practice, is he going to play in the next game, and what he has said about ownership, management, and team mates

Kevin Garnett Calls it a Sh-tstorm

Kevin Garnett, who played for the Timberwolves for many years, called the current situation, with Jimmy Butler, a sh-tstorm. This situation is wrong and unbelievable for too many reasons. Let me touch on a couple.

My heart goes out to Glen Taylor, for saving the Timberwolves, from being relocated back in 1994. He doesn’t deserve to be put in this position, by one egotistical ballplayer, such as Jimmy Butthole (what I now call him).

President of Basketball Operations, Thibs said he is trying to trade Butthole, but won’t just give him away. He wants to get what he perceives, as a fair market value. Being interviewed  Thibs maintains he’s doing whats’ best for the team. WHATS BEST FOR THE TEAM, IS TO GET RID OF BUTTHOLE.

Wearing another hat , the very popular coach Thibs, said you create chemistry from playing together, on the court. He said once Butthole is back playing, the team will develop chemistry. Hey Thibs!!! How did that work for you last year. We’ve all heard the rumors of a toxic locker room. Being an ex athlete, I’ve tried to imagine how open I would be towards a close personal relationship; ie chemistry, to a guy that had called me out in a public practice, as not playing good defense, not working as hard as I should, and saying I was no f–king good.

When you have cancer, you have an operation to remove it, followed up by chemo, to keep it away. That’s what the Timberwolves need to do with Butthole.

Nebraska – Colorado Game a Duzie

First of all, these teams haven’t met in 8 years, after having been rivals for 60 years, in the Big 12. Colorado joined the Pac 10, and Nebraska joined the Big Ten. The game was played on September 8th, in Memorial Stadium, in Lincoln, NE. Following are some key facts, that entered into the game. won by Colorado 33-28.

  • Both teams started true freshman quarterbacks.

  • The lead bounced back & forth, with Nebraska leading 28-27, late in the 4th qtr. The defense of Nebraska played well, and put Colorado in a 3rd down & 24. Nebraska was penalized on the next play, for pass interference. A terrible call, the ball was totally uncatchable. It gave Colorado a first down. Colorado then scored on a beautiful catch by Shenalt with one minute left.

  • Nebraska quarterback, Martinez was injured, so couldn’t return for an attempt at victory. The intended backup quit school the week before, and transferred to FSU, after getting beat out by Martinez. The new backup had never thrown a pass in a game. He made a valiant attempt, but couldn’t put one in the end zone.

  • Nebraska finished with 329 rushing yards, 187 passing yards.

  • Colorado finished with 351 yards passing, but only 44 yards rushing.

  • Nebraska’s defense had 7 sacks, the most in 11 years.

Truly an exciting game, with both true freshman quarterbacks playing exceptional games. A heart wrenching loss for Nebraska, because of a terrible call that let Colorado score, and ruin coach Frost’s first game