The Vikings “Useless in Seattle”

From the opening drive, you could see the Vikings didn’t come to play. They looked like they had all, received a roofy (date drug), on the ride to the stadium..

Let me set the scene: The Vikings must win this game to get into the playoffs. They have been working on this football stuff since July. They basically are the healthiest, they have been all season. They signed a $ 84 million dollar quarterback, to perform in these situations. There is an open battle between Coach Zimmer, Offensive coordinator DeFillippo, and quarterback Cousins on how to play the game. Unfortunately, DeFillippo is the odd man out. So he gets fired, the day after the game, but Zimmer and Speilman stay.

Zimmer tells DeFillippo he wants more running plays, so DePhillippo utilizes more running plays. They aren’t successful so DeFillippo gets canned for doing what he was told to do. What gives?

The Vikings – Seahawk game was deplorable, with the Vikings getting their butts whipped.

1. The Vikings didn’t come to play.
2. Cousins looked lost and tentative.
3. The play calling was horrendous.
4. Cousins missed two open receivers for touchdowns.
5. They could not convert 3rd downs.
6. They could not convert 4th and ones.
7. Neither Diggs or Theilen caught a meaningfull pass, til late in the fourth.
8 The $84 million man looked like $ 84.00.

But most embarrassing, came when one of the Seattle defenders, came off the field, and was running up and down the sidelines, saying excitedly ” They can’t run, they can’t pass, they don’t know what to do!!”. Welcome to the world of the Minnesota Vikings.

Jimmy Butlers New Marketing Strategy

The Timberwolves came out with a new marketing strategy, this year; Buy a 20 ticket season package, that you can pick the 20 games, you want to go to. Jimmy Butthole(Butler) has decided to follow the same marketing plan; he is going to choose what 20 games he wants to play.

Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors

Butthole is an embarrassment to the Timberwolves, and the entire NBA. He has become the biggest and most arrogant player in the history of the Timberwolves. Believe when I say, he has outdone Sprewell, Laettner, & Rider.

As you know, Butler has asked to be traded. As the announcers in a recent NBA game stated; He is a great player, one of the 10 best in the league. But he hasn’t enhanced his value, with his recent behavior. They couldn’t think of a GM that would be interested in Jimmy Butthole.

Glenn Taylor, owner of the Timberwolves, Should trade him asap, and get the best deal he can. He should keep Butler away from the team until he is dealt. The team needs to put together its starting lineup, and position the role players. You have got to get rid of the toxic locker room. The only thing that is discussed in the media, is whether Butthole showed up at practice, is he going to play in the next game, and what he has said about ownership, management, and team mates

Kevin Garnett Calls it a Sh-tstorm

Kevin Garnett, who played for the Timberwolves for many years, called the current situation, with Jimmy Butler, a sh-tstorm. This situation is wrong and unbelievable for too many reasons. Let me touch on a couple.

My heart goes out to Glen Taylor, for saving the Timberwolves, from being relocated back in 1994. He doesn’t deserve to be put in this position, by one egotistical ballplayer, such as Jimmy Butthole (what I now call him).

President of Basketball Operations, Thibs said he is trying to trade Butthole, but won’t just give him away. He wants to get what he perceives, as a fair market value. Being interviewed  Thibs maintains he’s doing whats’ best for the team. WHATS BEST FOR THE TEAM, IS TO GET RID OF BUTTHOLE.

Wearing another hat , the very popular coach Thibs, said you create chemistry from playing together, on the court. He said once Butthole is back playing, the team will develop chemistry. Hey Thibs!!! How did that work for you last year. We’ve all heard the rumors of a toxic locker room. Being an ex athlete, I’ve tried to imagine how open I would be towards a close personal relationship; ie chemistry, to a guy that had called me out in a public practice, as not playing good defense, not working as hard as I should, and saying I was no f–king good.

When you have cancer, you have an operation to remove it, followed up by chemo, to keep it away. That’s what the Timberwolves need to do with Butthole.

Nebraska – Colorado Game a Duzie

First of all, these teams haven’t met in 8 years, after having been rivals for 60 years, in the Big 12. Colorado joined the Pac 10, and Nebraska joined the Big Ten. The game was played on September 8th, in Memorial Stadium, in Lincoln, NE. Following are some key facts, that entered into the game. won by Colorado 33-28.

  • Both teams started true freshman quarterbacks.

  • The lead bounced back & forth, with Nebraska leading 28-27, late in the 4th qtr. The defense of Nebraska played well, and put Colorado in a 3rd down & 24. Nebraska was penalized on the next play, for pass interference. A terrible call, the ball was totally uncatchable. It gave Colorado a first down. Colorado then scored on a beautiful catch by Shenalt with one minute left.

  • Nebraska quarterback, Martinez was injured, so couldn’t return for an attempt at victory. The intended backup quit school the week before, and transferred to FSU, after getting beat out by Martinez. The new backup had never thrown a pass in a game. He made a valiant attempt, but couldn’t put one in the end zone.

  • Nebraska finished with 329 rushing yards, 187 passing yards.

  • Colorado finished with 351 yards passing, but only 44 yards rushing.

  • Nebraska’s defense had 7 sacks, the most in 11 years.

Truly an exciting game, with both true freshman quarterbacks playing exceptional games. A heart wrenching loss for Nebraska, because of a terrible call that let Colorado score, and ruin coach Frost’s first game

University of Minnesota’s Declining Attendance

Read a recent article in the Minneapolis StarTribune , where they discussed alarm, at the declining revenue, at the University of Minnesota. In three years ticket revenue has declined 28%. This decline is not limited to the University  of Minnesota. Nationally college football fell 3.2% last season.

The loquacious and effervescent Athletic Director Mark Coyle, has brought in people to help him figure out why its happening, and develop a program to build attendance. Hey Mr. Coyle it doesn’t take outside staff to figure it out, I will do it for free. Here are the reasons there has been a serious decline:

  • The millenials would just as soon stay home and watch games on the TV, laptop, or phone for free. This represents a large number.

  • In general, people are busier, and going to a game takes up one whole day. I now shop for groceries on a week night,  if I plan on attending a game.

  • A seat license program introduced by former athletic Woody Teague. I know of several people that did not renew their tickets at that time, and had been supporters for several years.

  • How about the fiasco suspending 10 football players,  for an incident the police could not find cause, to arrest anyone. They then re-looked at the situation, after the whole team threatened to boycott a bowl game, still penalizing 5 players who have never been charged with a crime. This also aggravated a healthy number of gopher supporters, including my entire Monday morning coffee klatsch. 12 guys, all Minnesota alum.

  • Suspending Reggie Lynch in the midst of a tremendous season, probably the best in 20 years. Again, there was no police charges. Even the campus police had never been notified. No internal investigation had taken place. It really    pissed a lot of people off, especially the timing.

  • A winning program brings the fans out. The hiring of Mr. Bojangles as football coach, and his style offended many.  Add to that, the dismal performance of the team.

Each of these incidents had some impact on losing supporters. Even bigger is how clueless the administration, is to these issues.

Football Season is Upon Us

It’s that great time of the year, when fall is in the air, your favorite team plays Friday Nights, Saturday, or Sunday. College Game Day is on Saturday. Pro Game Day is on Sunday morning. Your favorite team is undefeated, as are the Minnesota Vikings.

Expectations are high for the Vikings. At this point in the season, Cousins will be All-Pro and lead us to the Super Bowl. Likewise Dalvin Cook will lead the league in rushing. The Vikings have the best receiving duo in the NFL. They still have question marks on the Offensive Line, but they will get that figured out.

Their defense is still the best in the NFL. The front four has been enhanced with the addition of Sheldon Richardson. The linebacking crew is outstanding. They added a All-Pro Safety in George Iloka. The corners Trae Waynes and Xavier Rhodes will have learned how to cover. Don’t forget our first round draft pick, Mike Hughes who should crack the starting lineup early in the season.

Then the real world hits!!!

Our new kicker misses a chip shot for a victory. One of our defensive starters will be out for the season. One of our key offensive weapons will be out for the season. Cousins gets hit hard and often, because they never fixed the offensive line, and is playing injured.

Since I have several Vikings on my fantasy team, I’ve given up, and don’t even submit a lineup anymore.

Well, at least I can look forward to next year!!!

NBA Finals Belong to Durant

Prior to writing this post, I must tell you that I am a strong fan of LeBron James, and therefore the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA Finals have concluded. The Golden State Warriors were the victors in 4 games, as was expected. I do believe the Cavs were cheated out of game 1, by the ridiculous referee calls. Had Cleveland won one on the road, against the Warriors, it could have been a different series. I have a tough time determining who won the series , the Warriors or the referees.

They named Kevin Durant MVP, which certainly was the right call. I have never seen a performance in the Finals, better than Durant in the third game. His stats were as follows.

  • He hit a laser 3-pointer, from 7 feet beyond the arc, to seal the victory.

  • He scored a personal playoff high, of 43 points.

  • He was 15 of 23 from the field; 13 rebounds; 7 assists.

  • Many of his shots stopped min-runs by the Cav’s.

  • Unconscious, Unbelievable, Best shooting ever, were comments I heard.

No doubt, Durant put the Warriors on his back in game 3. What makes the Warriors so tough, is having other players, that can take over a game, as well, such as Curry in game 4. When called upon Thompson, and Green can be difference makers as well. So, defensively no one can slack off, any these guys, or take a mini-rest.

Let’s hope LeBron joins a team, that can challenge these Warriors.