NBA Finals

Some Takeaways From The NBA Finals:

Golden State is a Super team. They had to beat a Cleveland team with LeBron averaging 33 points a game, and a triple double. Kyrie right behind him @29 points per game. Durant is just unstoppable. He drains his shot, from where ever he is, when  the shot clock is about to buzz. Curry has the best, on the floor intuition, I’ve ever seen. He is always finding the open man, with his no-look passes.

The Warriors are young. The key guys average about 28 years. All except Curry, are under contract, through 2019/2020. Could be a dynasty!!

Nobody can beat them, including Cleveland, without major additions.

Cleveland needs a true point guard ( at least a backup ), and a scoring power forward, that creates his own shot, hits the 10-12 footers, and drives the base. Maybe Carmelo, who at 33 still does it.

LeBron is under contract for next year. What’s beyond? He doesn’t need money!! He is in search of another ring. Who could best offer him, that opportunity? Would he leave Cleveland again? Absolutely!

Curry’s contract is over. Will he stay at Golden State? He obviously will get a max contract, wherever he could potentially go. He has been the 4th highest paid player for the Warriors. He signed his current contract before his breakout MVP year in 2014. Management should have rewarded his play with a new contract / respect. He doesn’t get the respect he deserves, since Durant chose to sign with the Warriors. Remember how Nike didn’t respect him and lost him to Under Armor. Imagine him going to Cleveland! I think he would bottom line, like to be the star.

Assuming both LeBron and Stephan’s driving force, is winning more rings. Let’s  think way outside the box: How about a forward thinking team, with some talent, but needing  a couple of big pieces, like the Timberwolves. They could give both Curry and James max contracts, to go with Wiggins and Towns.

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