Minnesota Vikings Rewind

Time for a review of the Vikes following the draft, and free agency up until today.
Going into the draft with our first pick mid second round, I wasn’t optimistic we could achieve the desired success. My reasoning was that we needed offensive line help, first and foremost, but what strong candidates would be there, when we got there. That in turn would push my perceived next pick of a wide receiver down farther. So much for my day as a general manager.

After the draft, as I reviewed everything, I thought we did OK. I really liked Dalvin Cook, even though we blew $15 million on Latavious Murray. The center / offensive lineman from Ohio State looks good on paper. A couple low round receivers, are longshots, but who knows?   We picked up a strong linebacker.

So…. the team is starting to take shape. Now with breaking news: the Vikings signed Michael Floyd. A real bargain at $ 1 1/2 Million. Just lucky he wanted to stay home (Originally from St. Paul & Cretin Durham Hall). He is a proven NFL fast, big-bodied receiver.

So…. I like how the team is taking shape:

Vikings 99-55-54-BH1

Quarterback – I like Bradford. I hear the players have faith in him. Stats last year were great.
Running back – Obviously in good shape, pass blocker. Backup for injuries.
Wide-outs – I think Treadwell is going to come around in his 2nd season. He was the best college receiver I ever saw. Floyd will be great. We have Thielen, who is outstanding as well, I think Diggs will have a tough job starting.
Tight Ends – In good shape there, with depth.
O-line – With the addition of Reiff And Remmers through free agency, and drafting Elflein, along with the holdovers, having another year under their belt, the O-Line should be improved.
D-Line – They start with a couple of great ends, throw in Joseph and Johnson, and they added Datone Jones and Sutton, plus they have an up and comer with Hunter. Good shape here.
Linebackers – With Barr and Kendricks, they have a great base. They added a draft choice.
Defensive Secondary – Two all stars in Smith and Rhodes. Neuman back at 39 years of age. Munnerlynn is gone, so we need to have Waynes and McKenzie step up.

I must admit I’m looking forward to the season, and feel there is just cause for optimism.

Minnesota Vikings Wicked Wallpaper Android
Minnesota Vikings Wicked Wallpaper Android

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