Santana Wins Game With His Hitting

Major League Baseball has two divisions, the American League, and the National League. The American League utilizes the designated hitter(DH). That basically means that the pitcher doesn’t hit, and the DH doesn’t play in the field. When teams meet in inter-league play, the rules regarding the DH,  are that of the home team. A little preliminary info for you gals, who read my blog.

The Minnesota Twins recently played the San Francisco Giants, in San Francisco, which meant that the pitchers, would have to hit. A rare occurrence for an American League pitcher. The pitcher for the Twins was Irvin Santana, who is having an All-Star Year, going 8-3 with an ERA of 2.20, having thrown 3 shutout, complete games.

Anyway, Santana was bragging before the game, that he was going to hit a home run, which would be something, as no Twins pitcher has a hit, in the last 3 years. He didn’t get his homer, but he hit a bases loaded double, scoring 3 runs. Santana went on to win the shutout, complete game, 4-0. He was ecstatic. That’s a real “What the Heck” moment.


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