John Daly: Thirteen Year Gap Between Wins

I honestly wasn’t sure John was still alive.  Last I heard he was being held for spousal abuse. That coupled with the fact, he was fighting ongoing alcohol  demons, and hasn’t been heard from in along time, led me to believe he might be in the 19th hole, in the sky.

So……..when I heard John Daly had won the Inspirit Invitational, on the Champions Tour, I said to myself that that was a true WTF moment,  for golf. I love it. He hadn’t won since 2004.

Since 2004, he has gone through various challenges, including drinking  problems, eating disorder, 4 wives, and  losing his tour card twice.. he also had fallen so far, that he was driving to tournaments, and setting up a table to sell John Daly hats, t-shirts, and coffee mugs.

St Jude Golf

But even in those down times, he still had a huge fan base, so he was given several sponsor exemptions. his galleries many times outnumbered the major stars. A golf writer did piece on Daly, where he addressed his popularity. The result of his mini-poll, was that they were first attracted to Daly when exploded on the scene, with mammoth drives. Then they realized he was one of us. He drank, He smoked. He loved food. He was a blue collar redneck, who happened to golf, not a hybrid from the country club life.


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