NBA Draft: Non Drafted Players Are Persona Non Grata

The NBA draft is today,  June22nd, 2017. I’ve been following all the basketball guru’s, including my favorite Jay Bilas. In commenting on several players in the draft, he didn’t think one of them would get drafted, and discussed his options if he didn’t, which started me thinking about those, who didn’t get drafted.

First off, a new rule for this year, was adopted, that said a college player, could announce for the NBA, by April 23rd, and have until May 24th, to rescind that decision, and stay in school. However, if he hires an agent, he isn’t allowed to change his mind, and his college career is over.


The draft and the players s really a numbers game. 190 college players opted to enter the NBA draft. 60 players will be drafted. That leaves 130 not drafted, of which about 30 will sign free agent contacts, to sit on the bench, or play in the D-League. 30-50 will end up playing overseas, meaning 50-70 have no basketball options, and they can’t return to college, as the have used up their eligibility, and are not on on a scholarship any longer.

It is really tragic!!! The unwanted player, has been so wrapped up in his ego and do, he forgot to use his brain. He has always been just a piece of meat, that was improperly marinated. His agent told him, he was going to sign for millions. His posse or entourage, kept telling how great he was, because they would benefit, if he signed a big contract. His momma kept telling him how great he was, and she wanted junior to buy  momma a new house.

Now that he won’t be a cash cow, for all the above, he is basically persona non grata.  His former agent won’t accept his phone calls, his friends and hangers on, have abandoned him, and all his momma does, is holler at him, to get off the couch, and get a job. Remember when he claimed , he would be the best point guard in the NBA.


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