Westbrook: Prolific Scorer or Prolific Shooter

I watched game # 5 of the NBA playoffs, between Houston and Ok City Thunder. This was a game that the Thunder should have won. They had a 6 point lead at the end of the third quarter, but tanked in the 4th quarter. They outrebounded Houston, especially on the offensive boards, 18-10.  Oladipo was dreadful, hitting just 4 of 17.

Superstar Russell Westbrook was 1 for 10 in the 4th, but ended up with 47, for the game.

Houston didn’t play well for the game, but did out score the Thunder 33-22 in the 4th quarter. Harden shot barely over 30%, they were outrebounded, and were only 6 for 37 from 3 point range. Based on this, they should have lost to any team. Team being the key word. The Thunder are not a team, but a prolific shooter/scorer (you decide) accompanied by an assortment of journeymen lapdogs. Westbrook took the same number of shots, that the rest of the starting lineup took. They can’t win with that strategy.

Back in my day, I played for a coach, that practiced team basketball. He enforced a philosophy, of all players touching the ball, before a shot was taken. This got the players involved in the game. Good team basketball trumps a single star team every time. I’ve played in pickup games where a volume shooter is playing, and you lose interest in playing, and head to the lockers, earlier than planned.

In a post game interview Westbrook insisted that the Thunder were. playing good team basketball, and that he adhered to that concept. He apparently is lacking in cognitive skills.


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