Minnesota Outlaws Walleye Fishing

The Minnesota DNR recently announced that fishing for Walleyes, would not be allowed for 3 weeks this summer on Lake Mille lacs. The dates of this ban are July 6th through the end of July. Walleye fishing Catch & Release program resumes, August 1st through Labor Day ( Sept 4th ). After Labor day, through year end, there will be no walleye fishing allowed.fishing images10CNV3F0

The Minnesota DNR (that basstion of superior intellect and common sense) banned walleye fishing in the best month for summer vacationers, in northern Minnesota. In addition, they have outlawed using live bait, on your fishing  rod, that you can’t use, to not catch walleye’s. Believe me, it took some time for me to digest, that supreme ruling. That’s kind of like banning growing corn in Iowa, or prohibiting the production of autos in Michigan. Fishing and hunting are the lifeblood of northern Minnesota.

Every year our neighbors, from Iowa, trek north to go  fishin’. They pack up their 14 ft Alumacraft, with the red X on the side, that denotes their summertime favorite fishing spot.  They view their boat as a good storage vessel, in addition to its fishing prowess. They pack it with cases of cheap Iowa beer, appropriate safety gear, a big batch of maid-rites, tater tot hotdish,  mac and cheese, their blowup sex doll, and most important, their walleye fart locator. All are necessities to fish in Minnesotafishing maxresdefault

.It really pains me, to tell the DNR, that  the Iowans just go fishin’, they don’t know the difference between a walleye and a dolphin.

Next thing will be a ruling, in conjunction, with the Minnesota EPA, that they are going to outlaw fish from Minnesota Lakes, because their waste is lowering the water quality of our lakes.

fishing walleyelures

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