Seattle Seahawks: Dissention or Frustration

Seth Wickersham of ESPN The Magazine, wrote a compelling piece on the Seattle Seahawks and the culture in the locker room. In the article he discusses dissention in the locker room, that isn’t an offense vs. defense issue, which can happen when teams lose important playoff games. The issues raised by Wickersham”s article were:

  • What is Sherman’s future with the team, and how does he effectively fit in the locker room? He has been divisive. He has been openly critical of the coaching staff, especially the offensive group.
  • Many teammates have been critical of Carroll’s handling of Russell, who they think is coddled by Carroll.carroll & Wilson
  • Many teammates  felt Sherman never got over their loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, blaming the loss on Carroll and Wilson.
  • Sherman and some members of the defense, feel that the Seahawks should have won the last 2 Super Bowls, because of their defense, which they claim, is the best of all time.
  • Many members of the Seahawks, have had their fill of Sherman, and his antics.
    Sherman was on the trading block, which Seattle was demanding 2 – 1st rounder’s (a hefty price ) along with his $11 million dollar salary. Teams could draft a top college player with a 5 year contract for  around $6 million. What would you do?Seattle Sherman81414107

Wickersham stated that the driving force behind the article, was the fact that one of the best corners in the league ( Sherman ), was on the trading block, and Sherman was in favor of it.

Sherman of course, called the article “nonsense”, as did Michael Bennett, who called it “trash”. But at least a dozen Seahawks, while separately on the radio. didn’t deny claims.
But it sounds like the rift, between offense and defense has been aired, and everybody is looking ahead positively.

I’m sure the Seahawks feel that in Sherman’s case, the best trade, is no trade. He is arguably the best corner in the league. Over the last 3 seasons, he is number 1, in the passer rating against, with a rating of 60.2 when QB’s target him. He was No.1 last year, when he had no help in the secondary, because of injuries to Thomas and Chancellor.

Hopefully Carroll’s magic powers will work again.




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