X Games Drop In: Minneapolis

Having been a sports fan for many tears, I have attended events where the description of what was happening on the field was: touchdown, field goal, penalty, pass, rushing yards, field goal, 3 pointer, free throw, foul, shot from downtown, hit, strike, strikeout, ball, home run, single etc. All comments I am very familiar with and fully understand their meaning.X gAMES 2005-1491315948

However, this past weekend, I attended the X Games in Minneapolis, where I was a virgin to the dialogue  of extreme sports, which I was about to learn. The vocabulary used at the X Games to describe events and actions, goals, or tricks went like this:

  • BMX VertXimagesJ9HCSSDY
  • SKB Big Air
  • MotoX Freestyle
  • MotoX Best Whip
  • MotoX High Air
  • Ollie
  • Cat Rail
  • Trany Skating
  • Drop In
  • KickFlip
  • Backside Air
  • 50/50
  • Shipwreck
  • disaster
  • Flare Bar Stream                                                                                                                         The event in Minneapolis was spectacular. The events were mostly held in new US Bank Stadium. The overall event is kind of hard to describe. It was kind of like going to the fair, or a circus, where you have one daredevil act, but you have dozens of dare devils, that are competing with each other.

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