NBA Free Agent Signings, Not Free

Have you been following the recent NBA Free Agent signings? The dollars involved are astronomical. They of course are hard for us to comprehend. Here is the Top Ten Free Agent signings for 2017

Player                      Annual Salary       Total Contract
Stephen Curry                  $40,231,758             $201,158,790
Blake Griffen                    $34,452,000             $172,260,000
Gordon Hayward             $31,957,493             $127,829,870
Jrue Holiday                     $25,200,000              $126,000,000
Otto Porter Jr.                   $26,631,000              $106,524,000
Kyle Lowery                      $33,333,333             $100,000,000
Paul Milsap                       $30,000,000               $ 90,000,000
Tim Dardaway Jr.            $17,737,000               $ 70,950,000
Serge Ibaka                       $21,666,000              $ 65,000,000
Danilo Gallinari                $21,587,000              $ 64,762,000
money uhgvfrimages

This list is only Free Agents. There are several others also in this category such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, & Russell Westbrook that have existing contracts. How do compare to these NBA stars? Perhaps you are a little short of these lofty contracts. But how about some of the lesser known players, maybe some that don’t even start:
Duwayne Dedmon            $ 7,000,000                  $ 14,000,000
Shelvin Mack                     $ 6,000,000                   $ 12,000,000
Nene Hilario                      $ 3,651,000                    $ 10,954,000
Ron Baker                          $ 4,436,000                     $  8,872,000
Jonas Jerebko                    $ 4,100,000                     $  8,200,000
Remember these guys average about 15 minutes a game, and work 6 months a year. Are you starting to see where you would rank with these guys?

free agencymaxresdefault

Just for comparison sake, I thought I’d google some of the top CEO’s in the country and see where they would rank. The president of the USA only makes $400,000 annually.
Ginni Rometty                   $1,600,000     CEO of IBM
Sundar Pichai                    $   650,000     CEO of Google
Tim Cook                             $3,000,000    CEO of Apple
Isn’t it hard to believe how many players in the NBA ( 70 ), earn more than the $3,000,000 a year, the CEO of Apple earns.

As I was researching this, I wondered how this compared to when I started my sales and marketing career. In 1966, the first round pick, Cazzie Russell, signed for $200,000 for 3 years, which was the richest contract in the history of the NBA. My starting salary in the business world was $5,200 annually.

The other thing that stands out to me, is the stress levels of a CEO, versus that of a second string NBA player. One who only works 6 months a year.


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