Minnesota Twins Win The 1987 World Series Again

My biggest and most meaningful baseball memory, was when the Minnesota Twins returned to Minneapolis after winning the 1987 American League Championship, which meant they were going to play in the 1987 World Series. The media had put out a call, to have the fans surprise the players, when they returned home to the Metrodome.   It was after 11 pm, and the Metrodome was packed to the rafters, with a crowd over 50,000, when they arrived. When they entered the Metrodome, they were expecting maybe a couple hundred, so they were blown away, when they saw the crowd. It truly was a magical moment!!

On July 22nd, 2017, the Minnesota Twins honored the 30th Anniversary, of the 1987 team. I was a big fan of that team, more so then all the others, I suppose,  because it had star power and some characters.Twins 1987-minnesota-twins-honored

  • Tom Kelly
  • Kirby Pucket
  • Kent Hrebek
  • Juan Berenger
  • Tom Brunansky
  • Bert Blyleven
  • Al Newman

I  always remember these guys, in their uniforms and hats, as I only saw them on the field, or in print, in their uniforms and hats. So when they were introduced at the Twins game, celebrating the 30 year anniversary,  I was surprised. I certainly wasn’t used to seeing them in casual slacks and golf shirts. Some were balding, some had protruding bellies, some were gray, and some didn’t walk too briskly. But that didn’t matter, they still were hero’s to me, and a real special treat for me.

The 1987 World Series :

  • The first World Series played in a dome.
  • Both teams won all their home games.
  • The Twins, had the worst regular season record, of any World Series winner; 85-77.
  • The Twins parade, in Minneapolis, had an estimated crowd of 250,000.
  • And….. who could forget the Homer Hankie.
  • Twins Homer Hankie

                        Thanks for the memories!!

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