Sam Bradford: They Love Me; They Love Me Not

The powers to be of the Minnesota Vikings, have certainly not shown any love for Sam Bradford, at training camp in Mankato, Minnesota. Rick Spielman has stated several times, that he is interested in keeping the core of the group,  together for several years.

Vikings 99-55-54-BH1

Proof of that direction, comes in the contract extensions, for Xavier Rhodes @ $ 70 Million for five years, and approximately $ 58 Million for Everson Griffen. for 4 years. Spielman indicated there are still a few, he would like to sign to extensions, such as Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, Danielle Hunter and Linval Joseph.

When asked about Bradford, he basically said that is not as important right now. An Vikings 455867868.0attitude and actions that indicate they don’t include him in their mid-term and long term plans. It sure doesn’t build any kind of confidence in Bradford for the 2017 season. So far much more attention has been on Teddy Bridgewater, who isn’t expected to play in 2017, or maybe ever.

As a quarterback, it is very important that he is confident, that the brass supports him. If he is confident, that extends to the whole team, especially the offense. If the front office supports him, the players believe in him, and jell under him in games, especially when they need to come from behind, to win. If they fail to make him comfortable, his on field performance will suffer.

Viking stadium

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