Lee Corso Signs Long Term Contract, With Game Day

Lee Corso is 82 years young, and he will be back on College Game Day, on ESPN for his 30th year. He just signed a new multi-year contract. He has always been my favorite character on the show. I always wait to see which headgear he will wear.


What makes him so endearing to all age groups, is he sometimes mis-pronounces names, and stumbles on a few words, and can’t always get the words out. Longtime Game Day producer, Lee Fitting, says” Their is no doubt in my mind, that all the great things that Lee adds to the show, far outweigh those times, when he has a difficult time getting a few words out.

Corso is a native of Florida, and played at Florida State. His college roommate was Burt Reynolds. He got into coaching at Louisville, Indiana, and Northern Illinois, followed by a stint with the Orlando Renegades.

He was then hired by ESPN in 1987, and has been donning the head gear, ever since. As a matter of fact, he will make his 300th headgear pick in the middle of the 2017 football season.

Corso bison1.0_cinema_1050.0

Lee suffered a stroke in 2009. He vowed he would make it back, even though he couldn’t speak, at the time.  But make it back, he did, a little slower and more deliberate, but everybody at ESPN adjusted. Kirk Herbstreit has said, Game Day without “The Coach” would be terrifying. Corso said he would keep doing this until they don’t want him anymore.

Corso NDSU GameDay

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