Losing Can Be a Tradition Too

While having breakfast with a few friends ( Monday Morning Quarterbacks ), we began to discuss the recent performances, of some of our Minnesota sports teams. Before discussing the individual teams, we discussed 2 key axioms that continue to be true:

1 – If you want to know how a player will play, in the future, look at his past. Not always true, but likely.

2- Player has potential. Translation: he’s not good enough, to contribute right now.


NBA Timberwolves200_s - Copy

They finished the season on a 6 game losing streak, playing against teams not really playing to win, either out of playoffs, or resting for the playoffs. Their record was 31-51. All the talk says they should be better, but there not. They have upgraded the team, substantially this year, and should take a major step in making the playoffs.


The Wild

Wild hqdefault

Their best season ever. Fans at a fever pitch. No. 2 seed. They just can’t win in the playoffs. I hear all this bs, that they are playing well, the puck just can’t find the net. We are still using the antiquated method, of determining winners by the score, this is not pee wee hockey, where everybody does everything right. The excuses are juvenile. It’s like saying they lost because the Zamboni needs a tuneup.


The Twins 


We are optimistic every year, until around mid-season, then they usually tank.  This year they took us all, for a stressful roller coaster ride, that led to a wild card play-in game ,against the dreaded New York Yankees, which unfortunately was a loss.. It will be interesting to what moves, the new powers to be, will make. How long have we heard about the potential of Buxton, Sano, Keplar, and Vargas? Pitching won’t get better, with no major additions. We are finally, in the last year of Mauer’s contract, which will leave some money to spend on pitchers.


The Vikings 

Minnesota Vikings Wicked Wallpaper Android.jpg

Once again we were all excited for the 2017 season, when the curse struck again. Arguably our 2 best players, Sam Bradford and Delvin Cook,  went down to injury. So talk now, is one of, can we play 500 ball, rather than  the previous goal of the Super Bowl.

The hope is to have decent play, from the quarterback position,  and hope the newly minted offensive line, performs better than last year. Would also be great if we could get offense generated from Laquan Treadwell and Michael Floyd, after completing his 4 game suspension. Then have Schumer show some gambling and excitement, in his calls.


Gopher Hockey 


To summarize, we are the hockey state. We have more D-1 talent than any other state. We used to have a winning tradition. The Gophers tend to start the year, ranked in the top 5, and slowly decline to the teens, and then go to the playoffs and lose.


Gopher Basketball 

mn bb 64f86ecbd5043e35510ca5fc67861f44

While they had great season in 2016, they didn’t get one win in the NCAA tournament, and haven’t for several years. Hope is high for 2017 with all the talent coming back, Fitzgerald will be healty, and the addition of top recruit, Washington

You can establish a losing tradition easier than a winning tradition. Take a look at Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan, LSU: all great winning traditions. Even in Minnesota we have Eden Prairie High School, Hopkins High School, De LaSalle High School. You can have a total market, like Minnesota, that can have a losing tradition.

Of the teams discussed, when was the last time one of those teams, took you to the promised land?

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