P.J.Fleck: The Boat Has Sunk

I’m not sure if P.J.Fleck is a new age clown, or a male college cheerleader, or he is trying to build his advertising specialty business. One thing he is not; is an effective football coach. I’d like to share a few thoughts, on why I don’t think he is a good coach, and why I am so disappointed.

gopher PJ_Fleck_MN.0
1.) Preseason hype: He said he wanted to bring the Gophers back, from the cellar of college football. How bad the Gophers have been, since the 1960 Rose Bowl. He is omitting some coaches that had respectable records (far better than Fleck’s first season), such as; Lou Holtz, Glenn Mason, Jerry Kill, and Tracey Claeys who had 4 wins in the Big Ten last year. Fleck inherited a team that won a bowl game, last year, and he didn’t get to a bowl.
2. ) Row the boat: I think the boat has sunk. It’s in the same predicament as the team has been in all year, needing bailing buckets.

pj fleck3-t7612042-340

3.) Developing an Elite team: Before he becomes elite, I would suggest trying to become a mediocre team. His team had the lowest ranked offense in D-1 football. His game day, on field decisions, were atrocious.

4.) Self Promotion: Along with all his slogans and perceived motivational gimmicks, one would think he had a T-shirt operation. He also is using new shoes, every week to promote himself.
I think a new coach should come in, without all the braggadocio (ie;Jerry Kill), keep their mouth shut, and let the performance on the field, speak for itself.

Speak softly and carry big stick; not speak loudly and carry a broken oar.

NCAA Football: Air Force v Minnesota
band, M Men’s Football: Air Force v Minnesota at TCF Bank Stadium, 12 September 2009. football (sport) TCF Bank Stadium (where played) men (sport gender) Bruce Kluckhohn (photographer) 09.12.2009 (date of game) Air Force (opponent)

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