Should I Stand or Should I Sit?

This whole Sit or Stand issue has gone too far. We have bigger issues to deal with. I have always felt, that sports offered a welcome break , from all the current national news, and Trump tweets. So when Trump, followed by Jerry Jones, came out with their polarizing input, I knew the issue would become fodder, for all the news sources.
This past week, as I watched the NFL pregame shows, I couldn’t believe the number one issue for the game day pundits, was whether teams would sit or stand. Not much conversation about Dallas’s offensive line, what’s up with Elliot suspension or New England first 4 games. Every pregame I saw, made the national anthem the No.1 issue.
My thoughts on the issue are: If veterans are offended by this practice, then they deserve our respect, for putting their lives on the line, to protect our way of life, that we all enjoy. Envision a vet at home, watching a game, seeing ballplayers who make $3 Million, and up, disrespecting the flag, and the vet, who lost a leg in Afghanistan, can’t get any disability payment from the government. This doesn’t mesh. this is so wrong?

When I see these victums of ridiculous salaries and unwarranted egos, who tout “Black Lives Matter” the oppression of blacks, and the injustice that blacks face, I am appalled. I am not prejudiced in any way, and I remember when there were very few blacks in pro sports. I also remember when there were no blacks in the SEC. When I see Adrian Peterson, who made $15 million, protesting he just a modern slave, I want to puke.
The blacks have come along ways, since Martin Luther King paved the way. He and his followers and fellow protesters were all in, 24/7, not just kneeling for the national anthem. You do all those blacks, before you, an injustice, since many of them died fighting, or were seriously wounded, for your rights as a black man.
It’s about time to review all the facts, and see who should be protesting.



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