NDSU Bison Recapture Crown

The North Dakota State Bison defeated James Madison University 17-14 in Frisco, Texas for the National FCS College Championship. James Madison was the defending champion, having beaten the NDSU Bison in the 2016 semi-finals. That victory for James Madison halted NDSU’s remarkable and record setting, 5 FCS championships in a row. The Bison victory is heralded as the 6 pack, having now won 6 of the last 7. Key NDSU Bison football accomplishments:

  • The Bison had previously won the national championship 8 times from 1965 -1990.
  • Since going to Division 1 the Bison are 151-35.
  • They set a record of 33 straight wins from 2012 to 2014.
  • They were ranked # 1 for 30 straight weeks from 2012-2014.
  • They have been ranked in the top 10 FCS polls 103 consecutive weeks.
  • They have won 34 conference titles and 14 national titles.
  • Have lost only one game at the Fargo Dome since 1993.


  • They have received votes in the AP Top 25 several times, the best being #27.
  • They have won their most recent 6 games against FBS teams(Iowa, K-State)
  • Most impressive is hosting ESPN’s Game Day twice-2013 & 2014.

ndsu fc078871e64622de40aa63346169837b--bison-football-ndsu-bison

These stats make the Bison the most successful football program in FCS history.

Listening to the game on ESPN, no mention of many of the above records. The announcing team was so pro James Madison, I couldn’t believe it.

After the Bison scored to take the lead, the only thing the announcers could say was that James Madison had won 26 straight, and they would come back. They never mentioned the Bison had won 5 straight championships.


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