Tyus Jones a Real Winner!!!

Just an Atta-boy to Tyus Jones.

He has played terrific lately, but doesn’t get any accolades from the coaching staff, or the media, but is praised by his team mates.
Since Teague has been out:

  • Tyus has lead the team to a 5-3 record. tyusuntitled

  • They have won 4 straight.

  • Wins over New Orleans, Cleveland, & Oklahoma City.

  • 7 in a row at home.

The highlight of this period, was when LeBron James referred to Tyus as Tyler Jones, while being interviewed before the game, Then Tyler (Tyus) plays a great game and actually dunks with LeBron trailing. The audience went crazy.


Tyus is only 6-1, but is a terrific point guard. The word that defines Tyus, is winner. When he was a freshman at Duke, he led Duke to the national title, and was named most valuable player. That is not a fluke, that is a Winner……….

tyuus DSaV2e-UMAIaH0k

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