Red Bull Crashed Ice Returns To St.Paul

Red Bull Crashed Ice Championship will return to St. Paul, MN for the 7th straight year, on January 19th & 20th, 2018.

The event is referred to as “ice cross downhill competition”. After witnessing the event, I think it could better described as “roller derby on sloped ice” or as my wife would say “suicide on ice”. It is truly an exciting event, that the crowd enthusiastically supports. I should point out that the temperature outside, for these events could be close to zero, and many of the attendees have utilized antifreeze(Jack Daniels), to cope.

crashed icep-20160130-00362_news__ts__1482176761

The course for the fastest skating event in the world, starts at the Cathedral of St. Paul and winds downhill through the City of Saint Paul, for 1,600 feet. The drop from the front of the cathedral to the finish line is 12 stories.

crtashed iceriver

The Red Bull World Tour for Ice Cross Downhill Competition is a tremendously popular, international competition. What you may not know about Red Bull Crashed Ice is:

  • The skaters reach speeds of 80 miles per hour, shoving and jostling each other, as the only thing that counts, is reaching the finish line.

  • The World Tour has almost weekly events throughout the world.

  • The downhill pros, number over 200. With only a few Americans.

  • The crowds exceed 100,000 at all the Red Bull events.

crashed ice

Last years competition was won by Cameron Naasz, a local Minnesotan. He was the first American, to win a Red Bull event.

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