Timberwolves Blow a Golden Opportunity

Following game 3 of their first round playoff with Houston, after winning the game 122 to 104, the fans were as high, as they have ever been. It would be interesting to see, what season ticket sales, for next year, were sold. It was virtually impossible to get a ticket for game four.

Comments heard upon leaving the Target Center, after game 3, were:

  • “They figured Harden out, and should shut him down, for the rest of the series”.

  • “We’ve got 3 of the biggest future stars, in the league”.

  • “We’ve got 3 point shooters, we just had to give them a chance”.

  • “I’m getting season tickets next year”.

  • “Isn’t Teague great”?

Comments heard leaving Target Center after game 4, in which the Timberwolves lost by over 20, and gave up 50 points, in the 3rd quarter.

  • “We’ve got to get rid of Thibideau”.

  • “Their shot selection was horrible”.

  • “Can you believe the Timberwolves gave Wiggins a max contract”.

  • “Town’s looked like an uncoordinated high schooler”.

  • “There was no set offense, no coaching”.

  • “They don’t have anybody that can hit the three, regularly”.

The third quarter of game 3 with Houston, showed the Timberwolves, there’s a major difference between the regular season, and playoff basketball. The wolves could play with anyone during the regular season, and no one during the playoffs.

The really sad part was, they had an opportunity to build their fan base, if they had given the Rockets at least a competitive game.


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