Kevin Garnett Calls it a Sh-tstorm

Kevin Garnett, who played for the Timberwolves for many years, called the current situation, with Jimmy Butler, a sh-tstorm. This situation is wrong and unbelievable for too many reasons. Let me touch on a couple.

My heart goes out to Glen Taylor, for saving the Timberwolves, from being relocated back in 1994. He doesn’t deserve to be put in this position, by one egotistical ballplayer, such as Jimmy Butthole (what I now call him).

President of Basketball Operations, Thibs said he is trying to trade Butthole, but won’t just give him away. He wants to get what he perceives, as a fair market value. Being interviewed ┬áThibs maintains he’s doing whats’ best for the team. WHATS BEST FOR THE TEAM, IS TO GET RID OF BUTTHOLE.

Wearing another hat , the very popular coach Thibs, said you create chemistry from playing together, on the court. He said once Butthole is back playing, the team will develop chemistry. Hey Thibs!!! How did that work for you last year. We’ve all heard the rumors of a toxic locker room. Being an ex athlete, I’ve tried to imagine how open I would be towards a close personal relationship; ie chemistry, to a guy that had called me out in a public practice, as not playing good defense, not working as hard as I should, and saying I was no f–king good.

When you have cancer, you have an operation to remove it, followed up by chemo, to keep it away. That’s what the Timberwolves need to do with Butthole.