Vikings 2019 Forecast: Conflict

viking imagesKU2705H5I get so sick of the media, not reporting truthful stories, but not lying, just not telling the whole story. An example would be, when an NFL  General Manager is fired, here’s the story: General Manager of the white knights  and the owner mutually agreed, to end his contract, and wish him well in his future endeavors.

A perfect example, is the hiring of Gary Kubiak, by the Minnesota Vikings. The stories all seem to indicate that, Zimmer put the deal together. My guess is Ziggy made the hire, and jammed it down Zimmers throat.

Who do think hired Klint Kubiak, as quarterbacks coach? Who do think hired Rick Dennison, as O-Line coach? Who do think hired Brian Pariani as tight ends coach? These should have been positions hired by Kevin Stefanski, but we all know they weren’t. I’ll bet Zimmer cringed  as well. They were part of the terms necessary, to bring in Gary Kubiak’s army. All these coaches have 20  plus years experience with Kubiak. Remember Stefanski’s has no experience as an offensive coordinator.

After digesting the above, who do you think, will be the lead, in developing a new offensive strategy?

Then think, who has the most Super Bowl victories, Kubiak or Zimmer?

I can’t believe the Vikings would enter into this relationship, knowing  the conflicts, that will occur. The writing is definitely on the wall for Zimmer.

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