Rams vs. Saints: It ain’t Over Yet!

This past week, all the local sports talk shows, couldn’t get enough  chatter, about the controversial non call in the Rams- Saints game.

Let me set it up for you:

The game is tied at 17. There is a little under 2 minutes left, in the 4th quarter. The Saints are driving, with 3rd down and 10 from the Rams 12. Brees throws a pass at the the goal line to Tommylee  Lewis. It appears to be easily caught, when he gets creamed, in a helmet to helmet tackle, by Nickell Robey- Coleman. That brings up 4th down and the Saints kick a 33 yard field goal, and take a 23-20 lead with under 2 minutes. Everyone in the Saints stadium, felt it was pass  interference. All the Rams felt it was a PI, including Robey-Coleman. The NFL admitted it was a blown call.

Conventional wisdom would be, that had the call been made, it would have been 1 st and ten from the 12. Brees could take 3 knees and chew up a minute and a half, then kick the field goal, for a 3 point advantage, the kickoff giving the Rams under 30 seconds, to tie the game with a field goal.

As I mentioned, there was a lot of conversation, about this. The senator from LA has filed suit against the NFL. There has been talk of a boycott. Every sportswriter in the country has expressed their opinion.

There was a lot of betters who lost big on the no call. Some of those betters are unsavory vicious characters.

The NFL and their glorious leader Goodell, always say, the key to solving all the controversial plays, is to get it right. That was the reason for initiating challenges, then expanded to the official review, in New York.

My two cents worth, sez: Play another playoff game. Big money for NFL and the teams. Let the play on the field decide who goes to the Super Bowl, instead of a board room decision.

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