College Basketball Analytics Need Analyzing


I recently read about a new evaluation tool, for the NCAA to help determine the participants, in the annual NCAA Basketball Tourney. The new tool is called the NET. Here is what will factor into the NET:

  1. Game results

  2. Net offensive and defensive efficiency

  3. Winning percentage

  4. Adjusted winning percentage

  5. Scoring Margin (capped at ten points per game)

A NCAA Vice President, said it’s going to be a great opportunity, for the committee, to have a modern and more contemporary and sophisticated metric, to use as the primary metric, in the process to evaluate teams.

Many coaches have expressed their feeling that NET almost forces you to strive for big winning margins. To move up in NET you have to have wins with an excess of at least 10 points. A good quality win, against a ranked team, under 10 points is not counted in the system.

Using the University of Minnesota as an example. They are currently the number #50 in the NET process, yet they rank #33 in the RPI. Look at the discrepancy. That would be the difference, between being a number 7 seed, and probably a 11 or 12 seed. While the Gophers are 16-5, Indiana is 12-10 having lost 8 in  row. Indiana is # 48 in the NET and # 66 in RPI. Under the new system, Indiana would go to the big dance, before Minnesota. So much for using analytics to improve the system. We may as well select teams for the big dance, by the team colors.




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