Lindsey Vonn Retires

Lindsey Vonn was born in Minnesota, got her start  skiing from a venue called Buck  Hill. It truly was just a hill, having only a 300 ft. elevation. She was an active participant in the Minnesota ski scene, being a member of the Buck Hill ski team. She won a lot on the local scene, and decided to test herself against the best, the US had to offer.

She eventually moved to Colorado, where she began to hone her skills, on the best ski venues, in Colorado. She developed into a US Superstar. She eventually headed to Europe to ski against the best in the world. She began competing successfully on the best venues in  the world accomplishing the following resume:

  • 82 World Cup victories. The most by any women in history.

  • 14 World Cup Season victories.

  • She won in every ski discipline. Only women to do so.

  • 214 Top Ten finishes. A women’s record.

  • She won one Olympic Gold Medal in the 2010 Olympics, becoming the first American, to win an Olympic downhill race  in history.

  • She won an additional 3 bronzes, while competing in 4 Olympics.

Vonn will always be defined as aggressive & fearless. In her later years she showed the competitiveness along with the will & commitment, she made to return to the world ski scene. following many of her spectacular crashes.

It’s hard to believe that a girl born and raised on the flat roaming countryside in Minnesota, would arguably become the best skier of all-time. We in Minnesota are proud to claim her as our GOAT.

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