Jerry Kill Slays P.J.Clark

For those of you, who follow me; you know that I’m not a fan of University of Minnesota Football Coach,  P.J.Fleck. He has always appeared to me, to be an egomaniac, only interested in promoting P.J.Fleck.

I was always appalled, by Fleck throwing all previous Gopher coaches under the bus. He has always talked, of how bad the culture was in Minneapolis. How he was going to build a program, that Minnesota could take pride in. He has stated that we haven’t had a team, we could be proud of since 1967. And even then , he stated there was not a strong culture.

Having been a long time fan, I’d like share the records of some recent coaches, all better than Flecks first two years:

  • Tracy Claeys       9 – 4
  • Jerry kill                8 – 5 (twice)
  • Tim Brewster      7 – 6
  • Glen Mason          7 – 5 (twice)
  • Glen Mason          8 – 5
  • Glen Mason        10 – 5  

These were all coaches Fleck has knocked. He’s the one that should be thrown under the bus, by these coaches.

Jerry Kill has come forward with some criticism, on a national Sirius radio program. Kill stated that Fleck had coached for him for 2 years @ Northern Illinois, before he left to go Rutgers, under Greg Shiano. Kill said he changed while there. Kill said, he then helped Fleck to get the head coaching job, at Western Michigan, and supported the University of Minnesota in hiring him.

Kill said “When he went to Minnesota and treated people, the way he treated my recruits, telling them he had to come in, and completely change the culture, because it was a bad culture, run by bad people”

Kill said there must be a lot of people, who disagree with Flecks style, based on the players, and coaches, who have left the program.

Kill also said he called and talked with Fleck, after he got the Minnesota job. He said “Yep, and that will be the last time”


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