Are the 2019 Minnesota Twins for Real?

Since 1991, when the Twins won the World Series, they have been up and down. They even faced contraction, in 2002, not the residue of a successful franchise. Under the guidance of manager Ron Gardenhire (2002-2015) the Twins won 6 division titles during his 13 year reign. They always were stymied by those Damn Yankees in the playoffs. They were always a couple players away, from being a legitimate American League contender.

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The Pohlad family hired the dynamic duo of Falvey & Levine in 2016. This year is the first year, they have fully put their own team together, starting with a new young(37) manager;Rocco Baldelli, and all new position coaches. In this off season, they acquired the following players, relatively inexpensively. They appear to be team oriented, happy to be a twin, and fit the mold of what Falvey & Levine were looking for.

Nelson Cruz……..…$14,000,000
Marwin Gonzales..$12,000,000
Michael Pineda……$  8,000,000
Jonathon Shoop…..$  7,500,000
C.J.Cron………………$  4,800,000
Martin Perez……….$  3,500,000

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The Twins are coming off of a 3 game series with the Toronto Bluejays, where they outscored them 20-1, outhit them 38-8, out homered them 8-1, and had an ERA of 0.45 vs the Bluejays 8.56. Kyle Gibson strikes out 11. Total Domination!

Just short of the 25% mark of the season, here’s some fun facts for those Twins fans, who have been waiting for some bragging rights:

The Twins have the best record in Baseball: 23-12.
Rosario leads in homers with 13. Annual pace of 52.
Polanco is leading the league in hitting @.344.
Polanco is number 3 in slugging % at .603.
Buxton leads league in doubles with 15.
Berrios is 6-1, with a 2.53 ERA.
Perez is 5-0 with a 2.83 ERA.
Garver,Polanco,Cruz,Kepler,Cron all have 7 homers. Annual pace of 28.

The Twins are definitely hitting on all cylinders.


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