St. Thomas Penalized for Being Too Good

St. Thomas has become too dominant for the MIAC’s liking, especially in football, and now the Tommies are being kicked out of the league they helped form 99 years ago.
The Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference announced Wednesday that after extensive discussions, St. Thomas will be “involuntarily removed from membership.” The four-sentence news release said the MIAC Presidents’ Council cited athletic competitive parity as its primary concern for the move. St. Thomas, an original member of the MIAC dating to 1920, will compete in the MIAC through the spring of 2021.

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This move is unbelievable from so many standpoints:

  • The other schools met in secrecy without giving St. Thomas due process. St Thomas has given the MIAC many proud moments through its athletic accomplishments and elevated the position of the entire conference.

  • The element of inclusion, is included in some way, in the missions of all the schools, in the MIAC. So much for inclusion.

  • I have always been taught, and experienced that by playing better competition you would improve.

  • So, instead of working hard, to elevate their programs, they have chosen to dumb down, so they might be able to win a game.

  • Can you imagine the New England Patriots kicked out of the NFL.? or how about the Yankees licked out of the league?

St. Thomas now must decide its athletic future. Options include finding a new Division III conference, jumping to Division II or beginning a climb to Division I, a process that would take 12 years.


In the long run this move may be beneficial to the Tommies. They have always excelled, at evaluating a problem, and putting forth a plan to solve it. I am convinced that they will now become a power in Division II.


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