Timberwolves Remake

During the past month, Glenn Taylor has taken the first step in rebuilding the Timberwolves. He has hired Gersson Rosas as the new president, of basketball operations. His first task was to hire a new head coach. After interviewing 4 candidates, he chose Ryan Saunders, as the new coach, removing the interim tag.

It was impossible at this time, not to name Saunders. He is a favorite of Glen Taylor, and the players love him. The new pres would have had a tough time, had he not done so.



So if you were the new boss, what would you do?

The number 1 issue is making Karl Anthony Towns the focal point of this team. He likes Saunders. Does Saunders have enough knowledge, to keep feeding the big Cat. I don’t know. Is he over his head? They just let a couple of assistant coaches go, who worked with the big men. They need to bring in an assistant coach that can help Towns develop, to the next level, ie. a Patrick Ewing, or Alonzo Mourning type guy. What say you?

Minnesota Timberwolves v Miami Heat


Next I would try as hard as possible to keep Derek Rose. He is a former MVP. He is instant offense when he comes in. His style of play insures all 5 on the floor, are engaged. They don’t want to be hit in the noggin, with a ball, and look foolish.


Next, I think they need to get rid of Wiggins. He doesn’t warrant a max contract. Have some money to spend on others.

Jeff Teague is a mystery to me!! He has some really good nights, followed by not so good nights. He has had his chance to show who he is.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Minnesota Timberwolves

This will surprise you, but I think they ought to give Tyus Jones the starting point position. He seeks to distribute the ball, not setup his shot. Look at the stats when he is on the floor.

The rest of the team are shooting guards, or small forwards that are interchangeable, with the exception of Georgi Dieng, who you need to work in more time, or get rid of his contract, which has $33 million coming over next 2 years.

Houston Rockets v Minnesota Timberwolves - Game Four

Am I crazy, or am I close?


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