UCLA Bruins: 2nd Biggest Comeback of All Time

I watched the UCLA vs. Texas A & M game over the weekend. Game was played in the Rose Bowl, so it was a late game for the central time zone, and when the Aggies took a 44 to 10 lead with 4:08 left in the 3rd quarter, I started  getting ready for bed(old age). I sat at the end of the bed and watched UCLA score. So I thought I would see what would happen next.


What I witnessed was the most exciting 4th quarter, I’ve ever seen.  The comeback was the second largest in college history.

UCLA’s quarterback Josh Rosen ( nicknamed Chosen Rosen ) was spectacular, leading the team from being down 34 points , to beat A & M 45-44.  He threw for 491 yards, including 292 yards and 4 touchdowns in the 4th quarter, also faking a spike and then throwing a touchdown.


His main target was Caleb Wilson, who caught 15 passes, for 208 yards.

Wow !!!!  What a game.

NDSU & St. Johns: Midwest Powerhouses Score Big

North Dakota State Bison and the St. John Johnnies, both powerhouses within their divisions, had overwhelming victories this past weekend. Both set scoring records that are astonishing.

North Dakota State Bison

The Bison defeated Mississippi Valley State 72-7, in their first game of 2017. The offense racked up 683 total yards. 2 touchdowns & 142 yards for leading rusher,  Lance Dunn.  2 touchdowns & 126 yards rushing for Ty Brooks. Their point total included an incredible 9 touchdowns.

Their defense, held Mississippi Valley State to 55 total yards, had 5 sacks, and 11 tackles for  a loss.  Just a overwhelming victory, for the number 2 ranked team in the FCS division.

St. Johns Johnnies

The Johnnies set a school record, by scoring a 98-0 victory over St. Scholastica. It was the highest point total in DIII football, in over 40 years. They held a 63-0 halftime lead. Thirteen players scored a touchdown, for fourteen total touchdowns.

Congrats to both. Since this was their 1st game of the year, I hope they will get better, and beat those records.


When you have Two Quarterbacks, You Don’t Have One

University of Minnesota football coach, P.J. Fleck, announced he is going to go with a 2 quarterback system. I’ve never been fond of a 2 quarterback system and haven’t seen it work too often. A few that have worked:

  • Florida won the national championship in 2005 with Chris Leak as the starter, and Tim Tebow brought in for red zone attempts.
  • LSU won the national championship in 2007 with Matt Ryan and Ryan Perrilloux.  They both were utilized for a specific strategy, that was a reaction, to the defense.
  • Ohio State recently played with a 2 quarterback system, and arguably was successful with it. The quarterbacks were different types, one a good passer; the other a strong runner. Besides Cardale, and J.T. Barrett, they had a 3rd option if all else failed, in Braxton Miller, their former starting quarterback, and now wide receiver.

jmp 002 Gophers football practice

Reasons for using a 2 quarterback system:

  • They are both talented in specific ways. So each is played to hopefully take advantage of each’s strength.
  • They are rotated in a manner that confuses defenses.
  • The coach doesn’t have confidence in one guy doing the job.
  • You are much more prepared in the event of injury.

Reasons for not using the 2 quarterback system

  • You can easily lose your rhythm. Each quarterback has his own cadence, which causes off-sides and other penalties, when switching.
  • Each quarterback has a different style of pass, which the receivers have to remember for each series.
  • Team leadership is lost. There isn’t that leader you need in the fourth quarter, when you are down, and need to score.
  • It can cause players to transfer, so they can play more, and lead the team. Look at all the transfers that have taken place in last 10 years.
  • Having to split time takes the confidence away from both. Confidence and a little swag in college, is a must for the quarterback.

Let’s hope one of them stands out in the early games, and he then earns the starting role.


Minnesota Gophers :Can They Play With The Big Boys?

I just read an article in the StarTribune, wondering why the University of Minnesota Football team season ticket sales, are lagging behind previous years, and short of projections. The article expressed surprise at the decline, because of the supposed increase in enthusiasm because of new coach P.J. Fleck.

I get together once a week, with some Monday morning quarterbacks, many of them former Minnesota footballers. We rehash the Gophers, Vikings, and several others. Because of who these people are and who they communicate with on a regular basis, we feel our general feelings are quite indicative of the Minnesota fan base. In reviewing this article at our Monday morning breakfast, we came up with what we felt were the major reasons, for the decline in ticket sales.

  • The general feeling is the new coach comes across as Brew II. He also talked of the Gophers previous teams, in a negative manner. he said we had to change the culture to become a winner. Perhaps he didn’t look at the records of Claeys, Kills, and Glen Mason. He hasn’t won one game yet and has a long ways to go surpass Mason. It was almost like we didn’t exist for 50 years.

gopher PJ_Fleck_MN.0

  • Minnesotans do like winners. You need to win early in the season, or you lose support of the fanbase. If they lose 3 of the first 4, you lose a lot of support. Look at Mason’s numbers, over 50,000 average in spite of playing at the Dome. It looks like they won’t reach 40,000 for the opener, and that includes 5,000 free tickets to incoming freshman.jmp 002 Gophers football practice
  • You win with talent, not with enthusiasm and hype. An example is the schools that have over 20 – 4 & 5 star recruits, such as Alabama, Ohio State, Florida State, Clemson, Auburn, Oklahoma, USC, and Michigan vs. Minnesota without 1 – 4 or 5 Star recruit. You just can’t compete with them on a consistent basis.gopher C9fpWNqUIAEtMnI.0

How many times in the last 30 years, have we heard all the hype about gopher nation, being a top 25 team, and winning the Rose Bowl? I’d like to answer that with a Ronald Reagan quote “Trust, but Verify”.minnesota_golden_gophers-mascot-1986

Pope Blesses Michigan Football Season

Do you remember hearing that, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh decided to take the entire Michigan football team, to Italy for spring football. There is actually a story behind the story. In 2016, coach Harbaugh, decided to take the team to an IMG practice facility in Bradenton Florida, for Spring Break. This of course, was frowned upon by a majority of the five major conferences, because it was taking away free time from their student-athletes. So….they enacted a new ruling ( called the Harbaugh Rule)  prohibiting any off campus get-to-gethers during Spring Break, or any other scheduled break periods, so that the student athletes, would not be required to have any sports related activities, during that period. The athletes themselves voted against the new proposal. This new law takes effect in August of 2017.

What does the unconventional Harbaugh, do to flaunt that decision, in their  face?   He takes 150 student athletes to Italy, for 8 days, and 3 spring practices, which are open to the public. He is touting the trip as a combination of spring practices, and an educational trip. The team is going to the Opera, and visiting a number of museums.

The cherry on top of this, is going to the Vatican, and meeting the pope. Harbaugh brought with him a Michigan helmet, with the pope’s name and number on it, and a pair of Michigan themed Air Jordan shoes. How about that, for shoving the new ruling, where the sun don’t shine. He indicated afterwards he’s considering Japan, Argentina, and Hawaii among others for future trips.Harbaugh as god

For those who are criticizing the expense by a university; a wealthy backer paid for the trip.
Not a bad recruiting tool!!!