Minnesota Twins Win The 1987 World Series Again

My biggest and most meaningful baseball memory, was when the Minnesota Twins returned to Minneapolis after winning the 1987 American League Championship, which meant they were going to play in the 1987 World Series. The media had put out a call, to have the fans surprise the players, when they returned home to the Metrodome.   It was after 11 pm, and the Metrodome was packed to the rafters, with a crowd over 50,000, when they arrived. When they entered the Metrodome, they were expecting maybe a couple hundred, so they were blown away, when they saw the crowd. It truly was a magical moment!!

On July 22nd, 2017, the Minnesota Twins honored the 30th Anniversary, of the 1987 team. I was a big fan of that team, more so then all the others, I suppose,  because it had star power and some characters.Twins 1987-minnesota-twins-honored

  • Tom Kelly
  • Kirby Pucket
  • Kent Hrebek
  • Juan Berenger
  • Tom Brunansky
  • Bert Blyleven
  • Al Newman

I  always remember these guys, in their uniforms and hats, as I only saw them on the field, or in print, in their uniforms and hats. So when they were introduced at the Twins game, celebrating the 30 year anniversary,  I was surprised. I certainly wasn’t used to seeing them in casual slacks and golf shirts. Some were balding, some had protruding bellies, some were gray, and some didn’t walk too briskly. But that didn’t matter, they still were hero’s to me, and a real special treat for me.

The 1987 World Series :

  • The first World Series played in a dome.
  • Both teams won all their home games.
  • The Twins, had the worst regular season record, of any World Series winner; 85-77.
  • The Twins parade, in Minneapolis, had an estimated crowd of 250,000.
  • And….. who could forget the Homer Hankie.
  • Twins Homer Hankie

                        Thanks for the memories!!

Minnesota Twins Bomb The Bronx Bombers

In my early days of sports addiction (still not cured), the New York Yankees were always the epitome of baseball. They are the winningest franchise of any sport. They have won 27 World Series Championships. They have had 44 players and 11 coaches elected to the Hall of Fame. Here are some of the Yankee Greats, who are also Baseball’s greats:

Babe Ruthyankeesgreatspf-1
Lou Gehrig
Joe DiMaggio
Mickey Mantle
Roger Maris
Yogi Berra
Casey Stengel
Whitey Ford
Reggie Jackson
Don Mattingly
Thurmond Munson
Derek Jeter
Alex Rodriguez
Mariano Rivera

The team at various times, has answered to the Damn Yankees, the Bronx Bombers, the Bronx Zoo, Murderers Row, and the Pinstripes. Whether you loved them, or hated them, they were baseballs biggest draw. In any Major League city, as soon as the single game seats were available, the games against the feared Yankees sold out.

They have had a curse on the Minnesota Twins for many years, highlighted by the fact that during Ron Gardenhire’s  years with the Twins, they could only muster a 23-69 record against the Bronx Bombers. The Yankees always beat Minnesota in the Playoffs, during those years, going 12-2 against the Twins. As a matter of fact, the Twins have not won a series against the Yanks since 2008.


Until……..July, 2017, when they took 2 out 3 from the power hitting Yankees, at Target Field, in Minneapolis. The 2 games they won were by scores of 4-2 & 6-1. Could this stop the curse?

Twins logo

Santana Wins Game With His Hitting

Major League Baseball has two divisions, the American League, and the National League. The American League utilizes the designated hitter(DH). That basically means that the pitcher doesn’t hit, and the DH doesn’t play in the field. When teams meet in inter-league play, the rules regarding the DH,  are that of the home team. A little preliminary info for you gals, who read my blog.

The Minnesota Twins recently played the San Francisco Giants, in San Francisco, which meant that the pitchers, would have to hit. A rare occurrence for an American League pitcher. The pitcher for the Twins was Irvin Santana, who is having an All-Star Year, going 8-3 with an ERA of 2.20, having thrown 3 shutout, complete games.

Anyway, Santana was bragging before the game, that he was going to hit a home run, which would be something, as no Twins pitcher has a hit, in the last 3 years. He didn’t get his homer, but he hit a bases loaded double, scoring 3 runs. Santana went on to win the shutout, complete game, 4-0. He was ecstatic. That’s a real “What the Heck” moment.