The NFL Should Be Charged With Sexual Assault, By Minnesotans That Got Screwed

The Super Bowl is over. Most agree it was a very entertaining game. The city of Minneapolis was applauded, for its overall performance, for the 10 day Super Bowl Live. Given temperatures in the single digits, Minnesota proved they embrace winter, and have several activities available, for their winter entertainment. By all accounts the Super Bowl was a success.

It was a super financial success, for the NFL. To begin you have to understand, the NFL is in charge of any and all activities, that relate to the Super Bowl. They presented the Minnesota Super Bowl Committee with a 157 page list of the NFL Super Bowl requirements. Some are over the top, such as their cannot be any mention, of the Vikings, in US Bank stadium, the playing field, or locker room. The NFL actually removes the turf of the Vikings, and the brings in their own turf, which they can cut into small squares and sell as Super Bowl memorabilia.

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Here is just a few of the NFL’s unbelievable requirements.

  • NFL to receive 100% of all the ticket revenue, not subject to any taxes.

  • Provide the NFL with 53,000 parking spaces. Income to NFL, no taxes.

  • Provide each NFL owner with a no cost suite, limo, and van for his staff.

  • Receive a 10% rebate from hotels, within 1 hour, on all hotel income.

  • A data, Wi-Fi, cell, communication center that equals NASA. Mpls Expense

  • Payment of $2.5 Million to cover NFL expense, prior to Super Bowl.

  • Provide security plan with closed roads, barricades, and control center.

  • All concessions and merchandise sales not subject to taxes.

  • Airfare, room, and meals for the NFL staff 2 times prior to the game.

  • Must provide each team with free room & food.

  • Create zone, where no advertising, that isn’t an NFL sponsor, can be exposed.


Here’s the real kicker; the NFL requires a firm & binding anti-gouging commitment from all participating hotels, caterers, and transportation companies, other than those controlled by the NFL. An example would be a parking spot near the stadium that charges $20 per day on a regular basis, who couldn’t raise prices for the Super Bowl. If the NFL controlled that spot, as part of the spaces required, they could and would charge $100. Bizarre times.

After reading these requirements, do you think Minneapolis benefitted from the Super Bowl, as good as the NFL? An old sports buddy of mine said “you have to pay them, so they can have an opportunity, to help you to part with your money”.



The Minnesota Miracle

I have had a few days to digest the Minnesota Vikings last minute victory over the New Orleans Saints, and have come up with my overall take on the game.

First of all, if the Vikings had continued to build on their early lead, and won hypothetically 28 to 7, their would have been no euphoria, nor miracle. It would just have been a great victory. Like wise if they would have lost by a decent margin, I think people would have chalked it up to the curse, especially with New Orleans.

I have been a Viking fan since 1961, when they joined the NFL, and have never missed a game either in person, on TV, or on the radio, so I have experienced many disappointments:

The four Super Bowl Defeats in the 70″s.

1975 Playoff Division game. Probably my most difficult defeat, was in the 1975 playoff division game at Metropolitan Stadium, when Roger Staubach threw a last minute Hail Mary pass, to Drew Pearson, for a touchdown to win the game. It was right in front of me, and Drew Pearson blatantly pushed off on Nate Wright. No call was made. So not only a playoff loss, but a terrible call.


1999 NFC Championship. The Vikings were 16-1 going against Atlanta. Field Goal kicker Gary Anderson had been 37 for 37 for the season, but missed a short one, late in the fourth quarter, that would have put the Vikings up by 10. Atlanta scored late to tie the game and won in overtime 30-27.

vikings gary-anderson

2010 NFC Championship. Brett Favre threw an interception late in the 4th, which led to New Orleans tying the game at 28 each. New Orleans won the toss and chose to receive. They scored and the Vikings never touched the ball.


2015 Division Playoff game. Game played outdoors in Minneapolis with a temp of -6 degrees. Seattle took the lead late in the 4th quarter 10-9, but the Vikings had a last minute 23 yd field goal attempt to win it, but Blair Walsh missed it.


Is it possible, that Stephon Diggs immaculate reception, exorcised all the demons, that Viking fans had called the “Curse”.


Brooks Bollinger: ND Hall Of Famer @ Wisconsin

I received several notes, following my recent article on Carson Wentz, regarding another North Dakota athlete, attaining tremendous success in the world of football.
Brooks Bollinger began his career at Grand Forks Central in Grand Forks,ND. He was a starter all 3 years. He threw for 40 touchdowns and ran for another 19.

Wisconsin quarterback Brooks Bollinger.
He moved on to the University of Wisconsin, where he started for four years, and led Wisconsin to it’s 2nd straight Rose Bowl win. He went on to win 3 bowl games, and holds the schools all-time rushing record for quarterbacks, with 1,767 yards and 26 TD’s. He had a total of 5,627 yards, 38 TD’s, and played in 46 games from 1999-2002
Next for Bollinger, was the NFL. He played in the NFL for 6 years, primarily as the backup quarterback for the Jets, the Vikings, and the Cowboys. He threw 9 TD’s, for 2,226 yards, with a quarterback rating of 74.6 for his career in the NFL.

bjt chargers vikes

Following his football career, he entered the business world, and began his coaching career. He started with Hill- Murray High School in St. Paul, MN. in 2012. He is currently the head coach of Cretin-Durham Hall High School, also in St. Paul, which is one the leading high schools, in the country developing D-1 recruits, having had 3 quarterbacks in the NFL, and Paul Moliter, and Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins.

brooks maxresdefault - Copy (2)
In his personal life, he has continued to be a performer off the field, with 4 children and a 5th on the way, with his lovely wife Natalie. He is a top performer in his chosen business category, as well.brooks apxsZ6FM - Copy - Copy
Bollinger was recently inducted into the University of Wisconsin’s 2017 Hall of Fame class, for his stellar career with the Badgers.

brooks b 2079_wisconsin_badgers-wordmark-2002



Carson Wentz: Flying Like An Eagle

Who would have ever thought that a quarterback, from Bismarck ND, that played his college ball at North Dakota State, could become a star in the NFL?
Carson Wentz is that unlikely character.
He was a good quarterback at NDSU. Following their 2015 season, conversation began about whether he might be drafted. That buzz continued, until some pundit predicted Wentz could potentially, go in the first round.

Having grown up in North Dakota, and gone to NDSU, I was both excited by that prospect, but doubtful that it could happen. Then the conversation upped the ante, and suggested he would go in the top 4. Everyone in the state of North Dakota was paying attention to the sports stations, the sports blogs, and all the print media as the interest accelerated. He then gets drafted No. 2. by Philadelphia.

At the point, I think everyone just hoped he’d make the cut, or at least make the practice squad. He then made the final cut. What a relief!! Shortly after that they traded Sam Bradford, to the Vikings. You’ve got to be chiding me. That leaves Wentz as the quarterback. He starts and plays well in his first year, and he establishes himself as the franchise quarterback.
Then we go to his second year. The team picks up some key parts in developing a well balanced team. They acquired Alshon Jeffrey, Jay Ajayi, Legarrette Blount, And all their defensive draft pics. All of these strategic moves, along with Wentz, now with a year under his belt, have catapulted the Eagles to the best record in the NFL.
The Eagles are 9-1. Wentz is the number 4 quarterback, based on the NFL QBR, and is leading the NFL in touchdown passes with 25. He is also the leading candidate for the NFL’s MVP.

He has also validated all North Dakotans.


Is Teddy Bridgewater Really The Savior

There is excitement all over Minnesota, from newspaper pundits, all the blogs, and sports talk radio programs about Teddy Bridgewaters return. This excitement is for the possibility of his return this week.

Bridgewater has been on PUP list since he injured himself, in July of 2016. The injury was not because of contact, however, the injury called for reconstruction of his knee.

Everyone knew he would be out all of 2016, and possibly 2017. It was also suggested, his career might be over. He has been on a advanced physical therapy regimen since the surgery, and could possibly be activated shortly(Nov. 10th) if agreed to by doctors, coaches and the general manager, following a workout / evaluation.
But remember: Be careful of what you wish for; you may get it. Here are some facts to possibly curb your enthusiasm, and pray the Vikings, don’t give him the starting nod, in the next game. Why not?


Bridgewater has not taken a snap, in two seasons. He has not been hit by NFL lineman, for two seasons. He hasn’t thrown a pass, with defenses charging him in two seasons, and he is not in NFL football condition, mentally or physically.
In his last season he played, ( 2015), here is how high he ranked in all the key categories:
Total QBR : 88 – # 22 ranked of 32 ranked QB’s.
Total Completions: 292 – # 21 ranked.
Total Passing Yds: 3,200 – # 22 ranked.
No. of TD’s: 14 – # 26 ranked.
I assure you these are not the numbers of a Franchise Quarterback, nor a Hall of Fame Quarterback.

Braaadford thE27GIIX1

Sam Bradford. He is currently injured, with no definite timetable for his return. He only played in the 1st game of the year, but was phenomenal, having a QBR of 124.4. That was a career best for Sam, and a best in the NFL. His stats for 2016 follow. Remember he achieved these results with an inefficient and porous offensive line, and virtually no running game.
Total QBR : 100 – # 8 ranked of 32 ranked QB’s.
Total Completions: 395 – # 5 ranked.
Total Passing Yds: 3,877 – # 16 ranked.
% Completed Passes: 71.6% – # 1 ranked.

Keenum 920x920
Case Keenum. The backup to Bradford going into the 2017 season, but injuries to Bradford moved Keenum into a starting role. In the nearly 7 games he has played, he has been excellent. His Y-T-D numbers are as follows:
Total QBR : 100 – # 8 ranked of 32 ranked QB’s.
Total Completions: 395 – # 5 ranked.
Total Passing Yds: 3,877 – # 16 ranked.
% Completed Passes: 71.6% – # 1 ranked.
He has led the Vikings to a 6-2 record. leading the division.
So it’s time, for you to put on your general managers hat, and make some key decisions. None of the quarterbacks are signed for 2018. What would you do? If they were all healthy, who would you go with the rest of the year?


Should I Stand or Should I Sit?

This whole Sit or Stand issue has gone too far. We have bigger issues to deal with. I have always felt, that sports offered a welcome break , from all the current national news, and Trump tweets. So when Trump, followed by Jerry Jones, came out with their polarizing input, I knew the issue would become fodder, for all the news sources.
This past week, as I watched the NFL pregame shows, I couldn’t believe the number one issue for the game day pundits, was whether teams would sit or stand. Not much conversation about Dallas’s offensive line, what’s up with Elliot suspension or New England first 4 games. Every pregame I saw, made the national anthem the No.1 issue.
My thoughts on the issue are: If veterans are offended by this practice, then they deserve our respect, for putting their lives on the line, to protect our way of life, that we all enjoy. Envision a vet at home, watching a game, seeing ballplayers who make $3 Million, and up, disrespecting the flag, and the vet, who lost a leg in Afghanistan, can’t get any disability payment from the government. This doesn’t mesh. this is so wrong?

When I see these victums of ridiculous salaries and unwarranted egos, who tout “Black Lives Matter” the oppression of blacks, and the injustice that blacks face, I am appalled. I am not prejudiced in any way, and I remember when there were very few blacks in pro sports. I also remember when there were no blacks in the SEC. When I see Adrian Peterson, who made $15 million, protesting he just a modern slave, I want to puke.
The blacks have come along ways, since Martin Luther King paved the way. He and his followers and fellow protesters were all in, 24/7, not just kneeling for the national anthem. You do all those blacks, before you, an injustice, since many of them died fighting, or were seriously wounded, for your rights as a black man.
It’s about time to review all the facts, and see who should be protesting.



Thielen Living a Dream!!

Adam Thielen is a wide receiver with the Minnesota Vikings. The path that led him, to be a starter, for the Vikings, plays like a movie. I have always had a special interest in Thielen, because he comes from Detroit Lakes, MN, which is summer resort town, in the state, of 10,000 lakes. My grandparents lived there, as well as aunts , uncles, and cousins, so I spent a lot of time there, during summertime.

I heard about this kid, who was an exceptional athlete in town, from my realtives. I started following him on the internet. He had a good career, in high school, being named all conference, and all state.


He ended up going to Mankato State, where he was redshirted. He improved each year, catching 74 passes, for 1,176 yards in his senior year. The Minnesota Vikings held their summer camps at Mankato State, so Thielen always hung around, during camp, being a ball boy etc. and got to know the Viking staff. He was not invited to the NFL Combine, so he attended an open tryout with the Vikings. They signed him to the practice squad.
He then moved up, to the regular team, as a member of the special teams. He worked hard everyday, and when an opportunity came, because of an injury to Stephon Diggs, he become next man up. He performed well, and became a starter in 2016, catching 67 passes for 967 yards. Prior to the start of the 2017 season, he signed a 4 year, $19 million contract.

adamthilem 9767412-quinten-rollins-adam-thielen-nfl-minnesota-vikings-green-bay-packers

Back in his high school days, Thielen’s hero was the Viking’s Cris Carter. He tried to mimic his pass patterns, and routines, and now he is playing for the Vikings and being a hero to many youngsters, just like he admired Cris Carter.4d1807e3015db5f36c9dbb3d846e505f.jpg

Todd Haley is an Offensive Coach

While picking my lineup for week 5 in Fantasy Football, I looked at the Jacksonville Jaguars vs. the Pittsburgh  Steelers. The Jags were No. 1  in pass defense, and No. 32 in run defense. So I decided to go with Le’veon Bell, arguably the best running back in the NFL, to go crazy against the worst run defense in football.

The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive ( as in something stinks ) Coordinator is Todd Haley, who has been in this position since 2012. He previously was the head coach with the Kansas city Chiefs, where he compiled a 19-26 record, and was fired midway through the 2011 season.Pitt ben-roethlisberger-todd-haley-60f5e019157aa802

I assumed the game plan, was to attack the porous Jag run defense. Wrong!! If you can believe it, this offensive genius, called for 55 pass plays, against the best pass defense, in the NFL,  and 20 running plays. After the game, I’m sure he now knows, why the Jags are No. 1 against the pass, they picked off 5 interceptions.

The Steelers were soundly defeated 30-9 by the Jags.

Pitt Steeler logo 3untitled

I can Make a Case for Keenum

The Minnesota Vikings defeated the Tampa Bay Bucs 34 – 17 , on Sunday. I was certainly impressed, by Minnesota backup Quarterback Case Keenum. He threw for 369 yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions, and more importantly he had success  with the long ball.  He threw 11 passes over 20 yards, connecting on 7.

I have to admit, I didn’t know much about Keenum, except he had been with several teams, as a backup. I googled him, and was surprised I had forgotten, what a great college career he had.

He starred at the University of Houston, where he still holds most NCAA career passing records, including:

Most passes                                 =  1,546 of 2,294
Most Passing Yards                   =  19,217 yards
Most Passing Touchdowns      =  155
Most Rushing TD’s by a QB     =  23
He holds several other records, including a 9 touchdown performance against Rice.

Keenum was able to have such a great performance, with the help of 3 key offensive weapons.

Stephon Diggs      8  catches  for 73 yards
Adam Thielen      5  catches  for 98 yards
Dalvin  Cook         5  catches  for 72 yards                                                                                                                         27 carries  for  97 yards

We’ll see if he can bring his magic throughout the season.

Minnesota Vikings: O-Line Trouble Continues, But Costs More.

I’ve said in various earlier posts, that for the most part, if you want to know how a player will play for your team; look at his past. As a blogger, I can say, those players are who we thought they were.

The Minnesota Vikings played their first pre-season game against the Buffalo Bills. They continue to be plagued by inept O-line play. Last year was a disaster, but optimism prevailed as they made some off season moves, and drafted a great prospect from Ohio State. Their on field performance against the Bills, saw no change from their 2016 collapse.

They signed free agent Riley Reiff to a long term contract, for more than $11.7 million annually (Total contract is $58,000 million). The average salary for the NFL’s OffensRily Reiffive line is $ 1.7 Million. That makes Riley the 2nd highest paid Viking, behind Sam Bradford. He’s making more than Griffen, Rhodes, Smith, & Joseph.  Does that make sense?? He did start for Detroit,  but was criticized for his play, and no attempt was made to keep him. Therefore the Vikings rode with their white hats, into Detroit, with saddlebags full of money …

The Vikings also signed free agent Mike Remmers, from the Tampa Bay BuccaneMike_Remmers_2016ers for over $ 6 Million (Total contract is for $30 Million).  Prior to that,  he was with a couple of teams, including the Vikings, who cut him. Obviously, Tampa didn’t want him, so guess who charged into picture, with big money??

Let’s not forget Adam Boone, who signed last year as a free agent, for over $ 7 million annually (total contract is for over $28 million. If he played half as good, as he talks, he’d already be in the Hall of Fame.

The power egos of the Vikings have a philosophy, that if you pay a player more. he will be better. I strongly disagree. How did Koren Robinson, Bernard Berrian, & Michael Williams work for you??

If a team wants to make the playoffs, it all starts with the O-Line. If you can’t protect the quarterback, he can’t pass effectively. With the mid-range passes, and long range passes, not part of the offensive strategy, the defenses add players to the box, which limits your running game. It’s not that difficult!!!!MinnesotaVikingsreverse