NBA Finals Belong to Durant

Prior to writing this post, I must tell you that I am a strong fan of LeBron James, and therefore the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The NBA Finals have concluded. The Golden State Warriors were the victors in 4 games, as was expected. I do believe the Cavs were cheated out of game 1, by the ridiculous referee calls. Had Cleveland won one on the road, against the Warriors, it could have been a different series. I have a tough time determining who won the series , the Warriors or the referees.

They named Kevin Durant MVP, which certainly was the right call. I have never seen a performance in the Finals, better than Durant in the third game. His stats were as follows.

  • He hit a laser 3-pointer, from 7 feet beyond the arc, to seal the victory.

  • He scored a personal playoff high, of 43 points.

  • He was 15 of 23 from the field; 13 rebounds; 7 assists.

  • Many of his shots stopped min-runs by the Cav’s.

  • Unconscious, Unbelievable, Best shooting ever, were comments I heard.

No doubt, Durant put the Warriors on his back in game 3. What makes the Warriors so tough, is having other players, that can take over a game, as well, such as Curry in game 4. When called upon Thompson, and Green can be difference makers as well. So, defensively no one can slack off, any these guys, or take a mini-rest.

Let’s hope LeBron joins a team, that can challenge these Warriors.


Who Can Master The Masters?

I am looking forward to the 2018 Masters, more than any I can remember. Much of it because Tiger is back playing well, and could be in the hunt. Then there’s Phil, Jordan, Bubba, Sergio, DJ, Justin, and all those young bucks coming up.

My wife asked me the other day who I thought would win. I hadn’t even thought about that. I was just looking at the worlds best, in a great competition, settled by a 80 foot put on 18. There are so many playing great golf right now. So let me tell you my favorite:

Phil Mickelson: At 47, Playing some of his best golf. Won 2 weeks ago. Has won 3 green jackets, so he knows how to play Augusta.

Jordan Spieth: Playing good golf. Always in the hunt. His putter was betraying him, but appears to have improved, after a few practices with Brad Faxon.

Tiger Woods: He’s been in the hunt in his last 3 tournaments. You all know how Tiger gets up for the majors. I wouldn’t vote it out. He needs to control his drives, so that the position of his ball, is in the right location, in relation to the pin placement.

Bubba Watson: Has won 2 Masters. Playing great right now. Won the Match Play tournament 2 weeks ago. His accuracy off the tee is worth a couple of shots.

Sergio Garcia: Has been a great player for over 15 years, on the tour. Knows how to win, especially at Augusta, last year’s winner.

Justin Thomas: The real up and comer. Last Years Fed Ex Champ. Has already won 3 times this year. In an interview I saw, he said he is working on controlling his temper. If he is in the hunt could his temper be a factor.

16th Hole Green at Augusta National  821390

Dustin Johnson: Hold’s the # 1 ranking in the world. Is playing well. 3 top 5’s in the past month. He probably has elevated desire to win, based on the fact he had to withdraw last year.

Jason Day: Great young golfer. His recent game isn’t up to his s, but if he coluld start off good, it could propel him to have an outstanding Masters.

Rory McElroy: When McElroy is playing well, he has a real bounce in his step, and an amiable smile on his face. He’s back, and playing great golf.. He has a strong desire to complete the career Grand Slam. Could it be his week?

Matt Kuchar: I’ve been a fan of Kuchar’s since he played at Georgia Tech, and won the low amateur at the 1996 Masters. He is playing the best golf of his career, and has been on the leaderboard, almost every week. I can’t believe, he hasn’t won more on the tour.

That really didn’t pick a winner. So here goes with my top 3:

Phil Mickelson,  Tiger Woods,  Matt Kuchar

King James Sits Alone Atop The Throne

LeBron James scored in double figures for his 867th straight game on Friday Night, setting a record that will be hard to surpass. He had been tied with Michael Jordan.

He accepted the game ball, lifted it over his head, and took time to soak up the cheering crowd, who just witnessed history, and then immediately returned to work.

Following the game, James commented “That’s a good moment, a special moment for my family and for so many kids that look up to me for inspiration, to know that you can actually go out there, and do it and know where I’ve come from”.

James finished the game with 27 points, 11 assists, and nine rebounds, in beating the visiting New Orleans Hornets 107-102. The Cavs are currently sitting in 3rd place, in the NBA’s Eastern conference, assured of making the playoffs.

James and the reworked personnel, are still working to achieve a strategy, and an overall fit, for each of the new team members. I’m sure that James will have them ready for the Playoffs.

Chicago White Sox Bring Back Ex-Con as Groundskeeper

Have you heard about the guy released from prison, after serving 23 years, and getting his old job back, with the Chicago White Sox?

It’s true! Nevest Coleman was convicted of murder and rape in 1994, and sentenced to life in prison. The prosecutor originally was pushing for the death penalty, but backed down, after hearing from several character witnesses.

Recent DNA testing showed that a serial rapist committed the crime, leading to the release of Nevest Coleman, in November of 2017.  Coleman was working as a grounds keeper, for the Chicago White Sox, at the the time of his conviction.

After Colemans release his family and friends contacted he White Sox championing to get his old job back . The team gave him a job interview and soon welcomed him back to his old job as groundskeeper at Guaranteed Rate Field — formerly known as Comiskey Park.

“Glad to see him out. Glad to see him back,” said Jerry Powe, who testified on Coleman’s behalf as a character witness at his trial and who is now his supervisor. “I’m so happy for him, me and the White Sox.”


Chicago White Sox groundskeeper Nevest Coleman, center, laughs with friend and fellow grounds crew Harry Smith Jr., left, and friend and now supervisor Jerry Powe, at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, Monday, March 26, 2018. The Chicago Tribune reports that DNA evidence led prosecutors last year to vacate the conviction of 49-year-old Nevest Coleman. He'd been convicted in a 1994 rape and murder. He was released from prison in November and declared innocent last month. (Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune via AP)

Chicago White Sox groundskeeper Nevest Coleman, center, laughs with friend and fellow grounds crew Harry Smith Jr., left, and friend and now supervisor Jerry Powe.  (Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune via AP) 

With all the bad stuff you hear on the news every nite, it’s heartwarming to hear a story like this, and in a small way its sports related.











The Vikings Don’t Have A Quarterback

Now that the Super Bowl is over, and the Vikings have their facilities back ( the Patriots used them), they can begin to deal with who will be their Quarterback in 2018.

You hear the prognosticators, reviewing the pros and cons of Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford, and Case Keenum. They then announce who they think the Vikings should select as their #1 Quarterback. The fact is that it is not up to the Vikings. They will all be free agents in March, meaning the Vikings do not have a Quarterback under contract for 2018. They can sign with whomever they want. This means that the Vikings have a clean Quarterback slate to begin their evaluations.

Bridgewater 1846427-bigthumbnail

Teddy Bridgewater – He was activated off the PUP list with 6 games to go in the regular season. I’m sure he anticipated getting back in the starting lineup, as it was always stated after his injury, he was the franchise quarterback, by everyone. That commitment began to erode each week. If I’m Teddy, I’m a little pissed off the way I’ve been treated, essentially being lied to. I might want to sign with anyone other than the Vikings, to spite them.

Braaadford thE27GIIX1

Sam Bradford – Had a great 1st game, then injured prior to game #2, enabling Case Keenum to step in. Had a respectable 2016. Under contract in 2017 for $18 Million. I think he is a good quarterback, but I don’t think much love was shown to him. In view of the way he has been treated, I’m sure he too, wants to be anyplace other than the Vikings.

Keenum 920x920

Case Keenum – A backup Quarterback his entire career, he was next man up, when Bradford was injured. As he began winning games, his confidence increased, and he improved as a starter. Still, he wasn’t designated as the starter, when both Bradford and Bridgewater were activated. Coach Zimmer would keep all the reporters in limbo, stating it was a game time decision. If I’m Keenum, I might harbor a little animosity, because of the lack of respect, after leading the Vikings to a division title, and a playoff bye.


So when you conversation about Kirk Cousins, it isn’t far fetched. Without a quarterback under contract, it makes complete sense.

Red Bull Crashed Ice Returns To St.Paul

Red Bull Crashed Ice Championship will return to St. Paul, MN for the 7th straight year, on January 19th & 20th, 2018.

The event is referred to as “ice cross downhill competition”. After witnessing the event, I think it could better described as “roller derby on sloped ice” or as my wife would say “suicide on ice”. It is truly an exciting event, that the crowd enthusiastically supports. I should point out that the temperature outside, for these events could be close to zero, and many of the attendees have utilized antifreeze(Jack Daniels), to cope.

crashed icep-20160130-00362_news__ts__1482176761

The course for the fastest skating event in the world, starts at the Cathedral of St. Paul and winds downhill through the City of Saint Paul, for 1,600 feet. The drop from the front of the cathedral to the finish line is 12 stories.

crtashed iceriver

The Red Bull World Tour for Ice Cross Downhill Competition is a tremendously popular, international competition. What you may not know about Red Bull Crashed Ice is:

  • The skaters reach speeds of 80 miles per hour, shoving and jostling each other, as the only thing that counts, is reaching the finish line.

  • The World Tour has almost weekly events throughout the world.

  • The downhill pros, number over 200. With only a few Americans.

  • The crowds exceed 100,000 at all the Red Bull events.

crashed ice

Last years competition was won by Cameron Naasz, a local Minnesotan. He was the first American, to win a Red Bull event.

Tyus Jones a Real Winner!!!

Just an Atta-boy to Tyus Jones.

He has played terrific lately, but doesn’t get any accolades from the coaching staff, or the media, but is praised by his team mates.
Since Teague has been out:

  • Tyus has lead the team to a 5-3 record. tyusuntitled

  • They have won 4 straight.

  • Wins over New Orleans, Cleveland, & Oklahoma City.

  • 7 in a row at home.

The highlight of this period, was when LeBron James referred to Tyus as Tyler Jones, while being interviewed before the game, Then Tyler (Tyus) plays a great game and actually dunks with LeBron trailing. The audience went crazy.


Tyus is only 6-1, but is a terrific point guard. The word that defines Tyus, is winner. When he was a freshman at Duke, he led Duke to the national title, and was named most valuable player. That is not a fluke, that is a Winner……….

tyuus DSaV2e-UMAIaH0k