Lindsay Whalen: A Winner

The University of Minnesota made a great move in hiring Lindsay Whalen, as their next basketball coach.  Athletic Director Coyle, the robotic mouthpiece for University President Kaler (really the athletic director) got lucky in being able, to convince her to join the Gopher program. The funny thing is the search committee, hadn’t had a chance to meet before the hiring. Kind of shows the inefficiency, and lack of credibility, of a search committee.

The saga began in Hutchinson, MN., in 1995 when Lindsey was in 8th grade and started for the varsity. She led them to 3 consecutive conference championships, was all-state 4 consecutive years, highlighted by winning the state championship in her senior year.

She went on to the University of Minnesota, where she starred for 4 years and achieved the following:

  • All-time leading scorer, scoring average, free throws made, and %.

  • Top Five in assists, steals, 3 pointers made, 3 point %.

  • Led the Gophers to the Final Four in 2004.

  • Named Gopher MVP 4 consecutive years.

  • Avg. attendance in her freshman year, 1,087 to 9,866 her senior year.

On to the Pros, where she has spent 14 years in the WNBA, the last 7 years with the Minnesota Linx, leading them to 4 World Championships.

She is the absolute best pick they could have ever made. What it takes to be a good college coach is 1.) recruiting, and 2.) communication with your players, meaning you are current with what’s happening with the evolution of the game. She is and has been the poster child for Minnesota basketball for over 15 years. She already has some recruiting wins

With 14 years as a point guard in the WNBA, you know she has the X’s and O’s figured out.

Timberwolves Brass Hire A Butler


When I first heard about the Minnesota Timberwolves trading for Jimmy Butler, it put me in a cationic state. The reason I was in shock, was because in 25 years the Timberwolves have never made a trade where they benefitted. That was a real what the fxxk moment for me. They may have actually helped the team.

Even the national press and ESPN were calling it the blockbuster trade of the year. They all felt Minnesota got the diamond in this trade. Many also said they felt this made Minnesota a playoff contender. What great reviews, certainly different from previous trades, where Minnesota got fleeced.

Looking back at a couple of earlier trades:

1995 – Minnesota traded All-Star Christian Laettner to Atlanta for Andrew Lang and Spud Webb. Atlanta was the winner in that deal.

2003 – gave up 4 players for Latrell Sprewell. Again Minnesota stumbled because Sprewell wouldn’t sign a new contract $ 17 Million, saying it wasn’t enough to feed his family. Sprewell never returned to the NBA. Minnesota came out of that deal with nothing.

2007 – Traded Kevin Garnett to Boston for Al Jefferson and 2 1st round pics, which the Timberwolves owed for previous trades. Again Al Jefferson was no Kevin Garnett. Garnett also put a lot of fans in the stands.

2014 – Aquired Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. At this point, it seems like each team, got what they wanted.

butler -thONLJ7ZCC

Jimmy Butler is a super star. He is generally regarded as one of the top 15 players in the NBA. He is also considered one of the most focused, and hardest working players in the NBA. He will lead the Timberwolves with his actions, and mentor team members in the art of winning. He is the part, that has been missing, to get the Wolves to the playoffs. They realistically now have their own Big Three.

Just some quick stats on Jimmy Butler:


  • 6ft 7 in; 230 lbs.; 27 years old.
  • Played college ball at Marquette.
  • Played 6 seasons for the Chicago Bulls; improving his stats every year.
  • This past year he averaged 23.9 points; 6.2 rebounds; 5 assists.
  • Has played in the last 3 All-Star games.
  • Has been on the NBA All Defensive team 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Member of the gold winning 2016 Olympic team.